Weightloss happening



Four years ago I was going through a divorce and swelled up like a whale.Well, to me anyway. I was trying to find the happiness despite being diagnose with Type II Diabetes. I didn’t really pay attention to what that was. Now I know. I don’t wish it on anyone. It is so horrible. I am now on Metaformin and Glipizide Xr for my Diabetes. IT SUCKS! I can honestly say.

You must watch what you eat all the time. Not just some of the time. You have the sugar crashes. You have the irritability. And you have worse consequences. Like Gastroparesis…What is that? I am just finding out what that is. I see my specialist next week. It basically means your stomach is like paralyzed. I projectile vomit off and on that last few years, just out of the blew. It’s been getting worse the last few months. I can’t even hold down liquids. I work and vomit. I clean and vomit. I shower and vomit. I cook and vomit. I go to church and vomit. You must think ,wow! What does she have a toilet strapped to her? Nope! lol.. I should huh? Jackie’s portable hahaha.

See, you can still have fun in your journey of trials. You just have to stay positive. Because being negative will just make things worse. I’m not positive all the time, trust me. Just ask my friends and family. Yet, if I could speak for them they would probably say I’m one heck of a woman. Or at least I hope they would. I try to keep smiling despite all circumstances.

Who wouldn’t want to be happy with my journey.I am ! I have a great family and wonderful support system. It gets tough trust me. Not just for me but those around me watching. They feel helpless. I feel helpless. I’ll know more how to handle all this in the upcoming appointments. All i know is my nick name is ‘Niagra Falls’ because when I get sick ,It comes out like a waterfall. And if you’re thinking this is gross, why is she writing about this, well I must! I must get it out there. Take good care of yourself. You don’t want to have things get worse like a feeding tube in your stomach. It can get much worse And I rather help those stop before it does. So really this is my new journey. Being prepared and with a smile.



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