Attitude Makes A Difference

Just to let you know, this is a simple made blog. Why? Because that’s me. Simple and straight to the point. I must add it’s very good therapy for me too. I rather type instead of handwrite because it’s a lot easier. And if you enjoy my blabbing well so be it. Thanks for listening.

Attitude is everything.In order to keep going in life, you must have a good attitude. I’m not saying you must be perfect. You can be less than perfect and still smile right? Of course! I am hurting daily and just yesterday I was so tired and dehydrated I slept literally all day and all night. I had to force myself to go downstairs and drink some Gatorade. While doing that, I literally hit the floor. Yep! I broke the chair. It wasn’t because I was fat neither.just saying. I wanted to just stay in bed. My hubby helped me up and I went back to bed. I’m so sore today. My job consists of being on the phone and computer, and guess what? That calls for sitting..luckily I move around and have a long headset so I can dance around the room if need be. What toosh I do have, is already swollen and bruised. So I just added that to the list of issues I’m already dealing with.

I could’ve gotten mad, though. I could’ve just stayed all grumpy. But I woke up early and made sure everyone was ready for the day. I made my husband his lunch and kissed him  a good day. I finished the laundry. I took my medicine and I’m not hungry but I ate a banana in hopes my legs stop cramping. I literally have no appetite. All this throwing up and nauseous daily is just horrible. But with the right attitude, I keep going. At least I’m trying and that’s what is counting. Using all the strength I have. Knowing one day it will get better.

So how do you keep going some ask me? Especially with so much going on. Well to answer that I just do. I use every little bit of energy and keep going. I have a family. I have dreams that need to be fulfilled and service I need to assist with. As long as I keep smiling and staying busy, it doesn’t bother me that much. Why? Because I’m too busy taking care of other things or other people. I figure it’s going to be awhile to fix me, so why not stay busy helping others and doing what I want to do too.  I am blessed to work from home. I’m blessed to be going to school. I’m blessed to have an awesome family and husband. Awesome friends, the gospel, a calling, and working on buying our home. So much to be grateful for. Why ruin it with just being miserable. I’m not saying it’s bad to hurt and show pain and need love and helping hand. That’s just fine. It is more great to show happiness and being grateful in all circumstances.

So I must add that I have to be grateful and choose to have a great attitude about things. All of us will suffer. We’ll have trials and sadness. That’s part of life. So it’s best to keep going and see the difference you can make. I am trying to make a positive difference. I’ve seen and been negative. And notice that I love the positive view.Oh it’s hard and it’s painful and you want to give up. The tears you shed and the pain you endure.But you must look at it this way. You are doing it. You’ve made it this far so you must go on. You’ve been through harder I always say.That is the attitude I’m trying to keep. Notice I said the word TRYING! And it helps there is support around you. Yep! You just keep trying! You’ll make it. Support is the key. We all need the help .Even when you’re stubborn and don’t ask. It’s true. We need that lift.


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