Onward I Shall Go With A Grateful Heart

I am working on my dream of making a Cd. Music soothes my soul! I love writing and singing! I still have stage fright! But i’m working on it! :)This is a song that I wrote. I want to add it to a cd I am hoping to make one day. Just need to get more music! 🙂



Well, I went to see my Gi Specialist. And after further review of many tests, history,etc.He came to conclusion that I DO NOT HAVE GASTROPARESIS. That is a relief..But, I do have what he said was INTRACTABLE CYCLIC VOMITING SYNDROME WITH NAUSEA.What in the world is that? Also known as CVS.. Hard to control ..Well basically in laymen terms as he is a straight forward doc, It is a rare condition that mostly children have but adults can have too. They don’t know what causes it.

I can have the abdominal pain, nausea,vomiting, and even headaches for a day or days to come. It comes out of nowhere and lasts for whatever long the episode is. I am starting a diary so we can figure what triggers it. And he mentions those that smoke Pot has it too. Well,I definitely don’t do that so that’s not the cause. I’m doing more research and I got put on couple medicines with the nausea meds and slowly making from a liquid diet to bland diet.

I am so glad I don’t have gastroparesis. But I’m not glad I have this either. It’s chronic condition that you have the rest of your life and no cure. You can take medicine, relax, and do what you can to suppress and make sure episodes don’t happen, but It’s there. I just have to accept it. I must keep going onward. I won’t let my trials take hold of my life where I stop enjoying it. Yes, It’s hard and I have 3 tests coming up from CT scan with contrast, to upper gi test about 4 hrs long then a gastric emptying test. After all those, I’ll be seeing my regular doctor and my Gi specialist and we will go from there for a plan. At least I can say my Diabetes is controlled and my A1c is 5.2.Yay 🙂 And that I have medical doctors to help me that are understanding and helpful . I’m blessed to have amazing family and friends to support me.

So I must take good care of myself. One thing I love about writing. It calms me down. I love to help others and It seems that my blog is doing that. So even though I’m new to this CVS DIAGNOSES, and going to be busy with all these tests, I must be grateful in doing it. I am so blessed to have knowledge of what is finally going on with me, with numerous tests,misdiagnosis,heartache,and years of pain and suffering. I know it’s not the end. I know they are trying to find causes to my other issues and reasonings behind on this, so I must smile,be grateful ,and move ONWARD. I must continue enjoying life. And when those episodes happen, I just have to be strong and lean on support to those that can help.

We all have trials and sometimes we may not understand what another is going through. That doesn’t mean we should judge. We should do research and find ways to figure out how we can help. I am deeply grateful for all that I have been given and that includes my trials. Why? Because that makes me a strong, beautiful,determined,amazing woman! I can do anything that I set my mind to do. I am my own advocate. I can speak up and stand tall. I am moving onward and going to face this battle. While doing so , I will continue to build on my talents of writing, singing, and doing what I so love of helping others in any way I can and loving and enjoying my husband ,children,family,and friends. Also, enjoy being blessed to work from home, to be going to college, and just Moving ONWARD.

You must keep going. Don’t let illnesses, bad news, hard times, and just life stand in your way. If you are reading this, you too can grab a hold of your life and move onward in your journey with a smile, determination, and faith , not fear! WE ALL WILL SURVIVE. One day and one step at a time. So as i continue this journey, I’ll continue to update. And maybe I too can help you in your life.



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