You Matter And Can Make A Difference

Have you ever wished to be a singer, writer, dancer,teacher or something else? And then you think, Ya, right! I’m not that good. Well, I must say I am one to do that. Yes, still!  I know better than that. But I still am working on my confidence. I know the good lord gave all of us talents. I know he gave me talents as well. I am trying to build my talents. I love to write ( that’s a no brainer lol) And I love to sing. I can sing and write all day and night online. But when it comes to reading my writing or singing in public, SCRATCH THAT.

You know, just like in the move coyote ugly, if you’ve seen that, where she had stage fright and her boyfriend helped her.. Ya, That’s me but worse. I don’t have the confidence to stand up and shine like that. I sometimes got in the mood and sang karaoke at some places in the past, but that’s because I had couple friends with me and I was in that I don’t care mood. I used to sing all the time, in chorus, choir, onsemble, skits, programs,solo’s ,talent shows, and I don’t know what happened. I have had a hard life like many, and 2 bad divorces, numerous health issues, and been bullied off and on through the years. Yet, I rised above all that and gotten my voice back with a great support system of friends, family and an amazing husband who could listen to me forever..Yet, I still get nervous lol.

My dream is to make a cd . To share that cd with those that i love . I have so much writing and continue to write. I think I have a beautiful voice. I don’t want to get rich and be in the spotlight. That would make me go even more scared. I’m just keeping it simple. I sing to cheer someone up. I sing to express my feelings. Everysong I write, or song I choose to sing online means something to me . I express just as I do in my writing. Why hide the talents? Why worry what others will think? I’m working on that. I’m just doing, just as writing this blog. I don’t care what others think . I’m not here to debate or say i’m better or stronger. I’m here to get to know myself better and in hopes that maybe i’m helping someone out there. And they are helping me. I appreciate those that do take time to listen to me babble lol.

My point is whether you believe it or not, we all have talents. We all must build on them, support one another, and express. We must shine, and that means me too. I’m taking my own advice. It takes practice. Right now because I don’t have any music to go with my words, I just sing on an online karoke site. That still is practice. I follow others on twitter and sometimes share my singing online. That’s a start. I’m getting out there. I’m looking for insight, help,and watching others shine. Oh that is the fun part. Seeing how everyone is coming out with all different kinds of talent from art, to exercise, to singing, to what have you. I’ll support anyone and everyone from all around the world. Just as long as they know they CAN DO IT! THEY MATTER. So, if by chance you’ve stopped in and read my blabber lol.. Know that you too have talents. Let’s do it together. Let’s just each day try little bit harder. Practice little bit longer. ANd know that We can do anything, be anyone,and achieve all that we dream of. Everyone matters. Find that confidence. I’m finding it too.

There is a purpose for all of us with our talents. And if we don’t get them out there to shine, how will we know what we need to do? We must believe in ourselves, in each other, and know we can do anything . So shine. One day at a time. Practice little more each time. Just know that our talents help us and help each other grow. They teach us what we are supposed to know about ourselves. One thing i do know is that we’re pretty awesome. We’re blessed to have been given talents. So no more hiding. No more being scared. Embrace! Shine! Keep smiling. Keep supporting.





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