Well, it’s another week. I am amazed how fast time is flying. I also am amazed how awesome I am doing. Have you ever stopped to look back, just for a minute all the things you have done? I know personally, I did that this morning. After I said my prayers and read my scriptures I just thought back for a moment or two. It really is something to see that all you have gone through, done, and experienced goes so fast. Yet, all the things you wanted to get rid of takes too much time. Like for instant your trials. Of course, they would take time to disappear because there is a lesson to be learned.

I am noticing that more and more each day that I am blessed to see, I feel so great. To just wake up and realize you made it another day is SUCH A BLESSING. I don’t care how I feel that second, I am just so grateful to see another day. Time goes by so fast especially when you are enjoying that time with those you love. You never want those moments to end. We can’t have everything be all pleasant in life though. If we didn’t it wouldn’t teach us anything. That is why I love life. That is why I love discovering new things. I love to discover reactions of others when you do something good for them. I love to discover more knowlege and understanding whether I’m reading the scriptures, my books for school, things that intrest me ,or about my family, friends,and other things.

I’m learning as well to have more courage. Courage in myself and courage that all is and will be well. That no matter the trials being face, courage is really important. It helps us to keep going to learn what we need to learn. In having courage you’ll be more prepared for when certain situations happen. I know that we can’t be ready for everything,but I am certain we can be ready for most things. I am learning more about embracing my talents, and having stage fright doesn’t help. It takes courage to overcome fears. That’s why I just work on it daily. I don’t expect to be just free from fear and be perfect with everything.  If I did then that would take the fun out of discovering in life.

Life is a mystery that I love unfolding each day. I love watching my kids, husband, family,and friends experience it as well. What great students we all are. I just want to fly to every place on this earth and learn and experience everything that is out there. Truly it’s a beautiful world. I am trying my hardest and yes, with COURAGE to face it all. I may not see everything this earth provides, but I can surely enjoy each day the best I can. As I continue this journey, my fears will subside and I will continue building my talents in language and in the arts. I know that there is so much for me to do. Why waste it on fear? why waste it on self pity. I’ll work harder. I hope that we all can do so too! Life is Beautiful!







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