Hello Peeps~ Thanks for taking time to catch up with my blog. Above is the picture from 2013 to Present 2017 of March. I Know that I’ve lost over 120 pounds. All by not using the miracle pills or surgeries. Most of it is believing that I am beautiful no matter what. Gaining that despite being bullied off and on since I was little and in bad relationships. I have found more confidence. I have found my voice again in music, writing and being my own advocate. I found the opportunity to live my dreams of being a mother, wife, and go to school. I have the privilege of serving in my church as a ward missionary, and also working towards getting a Bachelor’s in Marriage and Family Studies. I am learning to make better choices. Learning to find joy in all circumstances. Believing that I can do anything that I want to do. The choice is mine no matter the outcome. Having faith and desire and above all trusting myself that I can!

I love helping others. I love listening to others, supporting, loving, caring, and just being there. Whether you’re a singer or writer like me, or into art, sports, video games, etc. No matter the passion, I try to support any way I can and know how. I don’t care what’s on the outside. You can be purple and pink polka dot for all I care lol. Actually, purple is my favorite color, hmmmm.. 🙂 Seriously, though, I look within and feel and see what I know you can be capable of. No holding back and beating around the bush. Just straight forward. Just as I am going to tell you all that is reading this, YOU ALL MATTER! I don’t care where you are from. You have talents, you have gifts, and you have souls. Use what you have and embrace and share. I am trying to do the same. I still can’t see me standing in front of people singing without getting stage fright. I do know I am taking it one day at a time. I learning and growing. So YOU MUST TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME! JUST DO IT!

I have lost weight and made changes in my life. I see more positive than negative. I’m blessed with so much. I’m blessed with my health challenges. Why? Well, because it makes me want to be so much better and stronger. If I want that for me, I sure want that for my husband, children, family, friends, and you of course. We all need to stay healthy and well to the best of our ability. It’s really hard, trust me. With the issues I have, sometimes I feel like a burden. Then I get responses from others saying, Wow! You’re so positive.! You’re inspiring! You don’t know how that makes me feel. Deep inside, I feel like a failure and that I don’t bring much good. That is the part I’m working on. I shouldn’t care what others think. For the most part, I do good about bringing myself back. Yet, there are days that I do feel awful and start the pity wheel. Well, That’s quite alright, though. mans we’re human and that shows struggle. Without struggle, you won’t have awesome chances in life.

I am trying to get better physically and on my road to that. Also, as mentioned before I’m working on my spiritual as well. To help with my emotional I keep writing, singing, and love doodling lol. I just do it. I enjoy it! My dream is to make a cd and to share with those that have supported me in my passions. Also, it’s very good release of emotions and stress as well. When I’m not doing that, I love serving in any way I can whether it’s with my own family or strangers. No matter if it’s  a phone call, visit, helping hand, letter, text, gift, or other way. I try to make others smile. I try to show support in all ways that I can. We just have this life and we must help each other overcome it together with support and love.

Really just making it ONE DAY AT A TIME! Keep shining and smiling in all circumstances. Never give up and think you’re not good enough. You are here for a reason so find that reason. I firmly believe in that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. Trust me, you didn’t arrive on a space -ship or fall from the sky. Whenever you were born, there was a purpose for it. Always remember, and I am doing the same, that life is for you to hurt, mess up, learn, and grow. There will be times you feel alone,

There will be times you feel alone, ashamed, hurt, mad, angry, frustrated, emotional and just want to give up. Then, as in the picture, I shared, you are blessed with awesome moments like that because you overcame. There are more blessings than devastation. Look for the sunlight in all the darkness and be thankful for both light and dark. We are truly blessed. The outcome is what you make it. So have that desire to live with the failures, or let the failures be the death of you and not prosper and shine.You are the miracle and only one of you.So let yourself feel and see the love within, starting one day at a time .~ Jackie H.



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