Living With Your Illnesses With A Smile

We all have issues. Whether it’s emotional Illness or physical Illness. We have them. Some speak out about it, and some have them hidden within them selves. Whether you accept it or not, they are there. It’s a trial that we must endure and overcome. So it’s not going to go away. We might as well accept it and SMile! Truly!

If you look at it this way, it makes you stronger. You are here another day. And that my friend keeps many others going. You would be surprised how much you would be missed if something had happened to you. Whether you believe it or not it’s true. Ask yourself this, why are you here? If you weren’t supposed to play apart, you wouldn’t be here , now would you? Right! You aren’t here just to suffer. You aren’t here to just hang around. There is a reason, and I can’t tell you that. You must search and find it for yourself.

Life has it trouble times, but it has amazing times too. Find the joy and smile in all things. Trust me, it will get better. I have my own health issues and other trials i’m facing. Is it just easy for me to write and tell you that you just need to smile more and suck it up>? Heck no! It’s never easy. It’s not easy for me to write this neither. But i am working on my courage. I love to write. I love to express. I love to sing. I have many things I love, and that outways the bed. So, I just open up my computer and speak from the heart. And if by chance others read it, so be it. I go back and I ponder on it. I see what I can do to improve my life. I want to help others. I want to have others succeed. Why focus just on the bad? There is so much good out there. So much blessings, that I can’t help but Smile! So yes, even if it’s the worse day of your life, it’s okay to smile. Just because you fight illnesses, it’s okay to Smile! Be happy! You don’t have to be miserable. Find the awesomeness in others and help them. Let others suffer with you ! Never be alone. And never leave a day without SMILING! We’re all worth it. We’ll conquer anything. We’ve made it this far. Keep going! Don’t let unhappy things stand in your way. YOU GOT THIS. DO IT WITH A SMILE! 🙂


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