Many have had extremely bad health issues. Others have never experienced them. Some are dealing with issues daily. Well, I’m one of those Daily. Not by choice. I don’t like it. I don’t make a good patient. Why? Because I’ve seen death. I’ve never experienced, but when I was a Nurses Assistant for a nursing home and cared for several others as a volunteer, personal’s not pretty. It’s really sad. I’ve seen from dementia,  cancers, losing limbs,etc..It’s something that I wish no one would ever experience. It’s nothing like seen on tv. IT’S REAL! Real life. I love having that compassion for others. I love being the one to care for others, instead of being cared for. I never wanted to be a doctor or higher nurse. I’ve thought about it, but I love being the one there and helping in any way I can. Being there if someone is alone. Being there to just listen, feed, clean, or say it’s okay when they take their last breath and you hold their hand. I have that kind of heart. I’ll put myself on the burner for anyone. I find joy in my children and husband and family and friends life watching their dreams and desires unfold. I see the joy and happiness of others all around the world experience their desires and dreams. That is what makes me happy. I believe that is my calling in life, to provide love, strength, support, kindness, and courage to others. That means anyway I know how. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a bucket list too lol I’ve got everything so far what I need right now. I’m doing my dreams too. I grew to care for others so much because of my mother and father. I was adopted into a family of 9 along with my twin sister and 2 brothers. My mother and father adopted us. I was fortunate, as My twin sister and I were 2 months old in the foster care system, and my 2 brothers were 1 and 2 and they were in another home. So my parents with their love and unselfishness accepted us and loved us. They made us an eternal family.

So my parents with their unselfishness, compassion, hard work and their love got all of us. How amazingly beautiful is that? It’s AMAZING! My siblings and parents will ALWAYS be my family forever and ever. In what I believe, I know that one day we will all be together forever and that is just awesome. If you want to know more just visit This isn’t a convert you. This is what I believe and my family and how I became a mormon too. It’s a beautiful way of learning about someone else and just know we all have a heart no matter who or what we believe . My adopted family means the world to me. I love all of them and so blessed they all love, accept me and treat me like I wasn’t adopted. What amazing example.So blessed.

Adoption is GREAT! It’s a beautiful thing. Everyone should adopt. All children no matter the age needs to be loved. But since I was adopted at 3 years old, and I’m 33 , I don’t know much of my biological family history. I have had gall bladder, appendix, uterus, right tube and ovary tooken out, 2 bladder slings, numerous testings,xrays,ct scans through my life time. Many tubes of blood taking. When your biological family doesn’t tell you anything but Cancer/Diabetes, You don’t know much. So , I love researching and do all I can to find that part out.I have from age 18 on have seen so many doctors/hospitals/testings/diagnoses/specialists. When 2011 came around and they did a sling around dec of 2011 I think , apparently I coughed too much from the anesthesia that the doc said my bladder sling ‘came loose’ so then they had to try a different mesh for a bladder sling. (they left the other one in.) Ever since then I have swollen up, retained fluid, had horrible pain etc..So, I just kept dealing with that, and then in 2013

So, I just kept dealing with that, and then in 2013 i had symptoms of leukemia and they tested me on that and found that I had type 2 diabetes. And I have that Neuropathy in my feet they said. Oh it hurts so bad. Feels like glass is cutting me. pins/needles, ugh too painful. But I just keep going and try to eat right and take care of myself. I don’t wish issues on no one, and especially my children. So, I try to learn and help all of us the way I know how. And yes, That means listening to doctors and doing what is ordered :)So when I got married in 2014 and moved to Ohio, I seen my husband’s doctor. He’s more old school, laid back and So caring. He has been treating me past 3 years. TRUST ME, He knows what he’s doing. He’s the best doctor. Even if he says he’s going on vacation  from me lol or that ‘I’m Complicated’ I always smile and say, You just figuring that out? Or I’d say what you doing to me? Am I the new patient for the board game Operation? hahahahha 🙂 I have prayed, along with my husband, children, friends, family etc for so long.

All this pain in my stomach, the fast moving IBS And then the projectile vomiting off and on ,and constant nausea, I have been tired of it. Finally my A1c is in the 5’s and controlled. I’m on the right diabetic meds. And now We’re seeing a new Gi Specialist who had order the Ct scan with iv contrast and the Yum Creamy barium smoothie ( YUCK! ) it’s not vanilla creamy smoothie. I can’t explain the taste lol. I just went to the hospital and made friends with the front desk and other staff. Told them You’ll see me lots lol. So , I didn’t have to worry about fasting, because remember , I’ve been nauseauted and throwing up off and on last couple years, and since dec 2016 it’s been worse. It comes and goes. I wish they could make an app to warn me when I’d have an ‘episode’ they call it hahahha.

Can you imagine singing and “BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh” Or wash dishes or eat and etc?? Yep, that’s me, it doesn’t matter what I do, cook,clean,go to church,drive,sleep,eat,sit,do school,work ,etc.. I have a pretty garbage can that is my best friend. Instead of ‘ the John’ which is fine, but sometimes you don’t have a chance. And trust me, I could be in the olympics with how fast it can come up. My nick name is truly ‘Niagra Falls ” At home , my kids and hubby calls me. 🙂 hahaha. I’ll pretty much answer to anything now a days hahha. So, Ya, I did that test, and yep, that iv contrast, it’s true, makes you feel like you’re going to pee on yourself but you don’t. So I did that on 3/15/17 . Then , you guessed it, went home, did the home life, and had to fast again. Bright and early at 8 am back at the hospital, they knew who I was and I got called back. this was the fun thing today..Oh it’s loads. Everyone should do this .NOT! i have to be honest and find humor. 🙂 At least I got an older guy with a Ukraine accent lol I didn’t understand half of what he told me to do, but I love accents. Always have..Well he became to know me. What should’ve been a 30min test they said, came into almost 3 hrs for me.

Apparently,My body was like a snail. I wanted the marathon of beating the 30min test hahaha.The radiologist was awesome, even the lady that was assisting them. They made me this awesome cocktail to drink. Remember, I’m not getting to eat and drink normally. I have had to fast. And now I see bottles of water, a ‘creamy smoothie’ and 2 small little cups. So one had this salt like stuff, It reminded me of sprinkles. I was like, oh that’s not bad, that will taste Great..Well ,I was given that first, here I’m standing up straight on this x-ray table. The test is called an Upper Gi Series with a Small bowel follow through. (never heard of that crap before lol) But you know my history, I’ve pretty much experienced so much, if you have an issue I might be able to tell you how it goes, but I’m not a doctor, so I wouldn’t trust it haha haha. Remember this is my feelings and my take and experiences. NEVER TRUST ME LOL well, in some things, I do have a big heart and I love life 🙂 Anyways stop blabbing back to this wonderful day. So I had to chug this great little cup of ‘sprinkles’ I’ll call it and Only was allowed a little sip of this little tiny bit of water to wash down.You know what happened next? Well, IT WAS FIRST NASTY! It was not yummy sprinkles, more like nasty salted, dissolvable sprinkles hahaha. Well ,we all taste differently, some may love it. And if you have to do these tests, IT Must be done. Health Tests aren’t suppose to be pleasant, But we are given them to HELP US!

So, after that, I got some water and some kind of big round pill to take to help them seem from my throat down and I could drink as much water then. Whew! I wanted to chug a whole sea then. hahah. But I couldn’t because then it was the lovely  ‘Smoothie’ which I thought was Strawberry, NOPE! It was Naked! IT was no flavor, Just CRAP< CRAP, CRap! hahha not literally lol. It had no texture/taste that I loved, plus remember all the issues I have. Not much is yummy to me 🙂 Then the fun part happened. When I say fun, I mean seriously fun. Not the drinking part.I was suppose to roll around which made me feel like a dog all happy LOL. Go to the left, go to the right , on your belly, on your side, on your back , come to me, lets go up, lets lay you down, I was like on this fun ride and rollar coaster I called it. It was making me nauseated, dizzy, but It was actually kind of cool. So I followed the radiologist and did whatever he said, the bad part of it is I had to drink my ‘smoothie’ while doing it. Just call me ‘The Jackie Puppet ‘ 🙂 Trust me I was doing all kinds of moves drinking this thing. Guzzle, guzzle, getting there they said. Sip, sip, Guzzle guzzle, sip ,sip.. You know instead of singing the hokey pokey, we could make a song, Guzzle Guzzle, Sip, sip, No more. STop! hahaha LEft, left, on your belly , up , down, guzzle,guzzle, keep going .hahahaha , I just can’t stop laughing at that .. Don’t burp they said. Hold it in. and then I’m  [BURPPPPPPPPPP) ugh you burped hahaha. and back to Let’s Guzzle. Now , this was still on the xray table hahahah. So I kept doing the Guzzle Guzzle song lol. They were watching me on a screen. (Guess that’s the closest i’ll get to the big screen) Wonder if i’ll get the best Guzzling,vomiting oscar? HAHAHAAHAHA. Oh just find the humor 🙂

Then I was given last bit of the ‘smoothie’ and sent to this lovely Waiting room. Where yes, More fun happened.. I sat there for 20 minutes, listened to the news, and caught up with the Hollywood gossip in magazines. So, what this ’30 min test’ was supposed to be, took longer. So when 20mins happened got called back by the accent man, and laid down, pointed where my belly button was and he took the xray. Then he showed me my xray, pointed out the chalky stuff I drank (barium) has to be kind of looks like a ‘U’ from showing my organs and intestines, and well, It made little ‘I’ and he said ‘Dance’ I’m like what? He said ‘wiggle and dance’ so I went back to the waiting room, yep sporting my awesome  hospital gown and shaking my body. I literally just went in there, not knowing who anyone was and just started dancing. Seriously> I have stage fright,and I’m like on the hospital waiting room floor, in a hospital gown, Just getting down dancing in the waiting room> Well, It was either that or someone can tip me upside down and shake me to get that stuff moving. 20 mins later, Accent man calls me back and we do everything I said before, this time the xray shows it looking like a ‘J’ I was like ,awesome i’ll shake some more. So I go back, YEs, I’m dancing again.. I got moves, Trust me 🙂 All the church dances paid off,well and other moves so I’ll say more like pg 13 or so hahahah

Hey! A girl got to get her stuff moving ,Ya know? So I’m doing my thing, and another patient was like I’ll vouche for you, you’re moving ..hahahaah. I was like oh well thank goodness I’m not going to the Psychiatric ward of the Hospital, they actually loving this hahah. So 20min , Yep, Accent Man came back and yet again, still Like a ‘J’ he said Keep moving ,and I’m like, I’m burning the calories if any from that Barium ‘Smoothie ‘ So I go back and Dance some more. And Well you get the idea, I kept doing it, like 4 or 5 times. Finally he’s like i’ll get the Radiologist, and we go into the room I was in at the first part and he gets this spoon lookin thing and has me lie on the table and he puts this nflatablele spoon like thing and I’m thinking ‘What in the world is that ? and where is he goin to stick it? I immediately tightened up.. I was thinking it better not go where the sun don’t shine..

Thank the Lord it didn’t, He used it to mash on my stomach. Not the parts that don’t hurt, The parts that do. I wanted it gone. I had no idea what he was doing. Apparently If I understood him correctly, he was breaking up my intestines? or something? I don’t know, I’m not a doctor lol. So, he mashed a little while and then was like , Ya, see this? looking at the screen, it’s not suppose to do that. We wanted the Barium to fill up around and show all what’s going on but in my right side near where my gall bladder and appendix used to be, is all folded up and stuff. So he’s like You ever get biposy done? or  colonoscopy etc? Yes to colonoscopy and no to biopsy, so he said something but I was hurting (still hurting while writing this) and he’s like I’ll send to your doctors and specialist. It’s not normal and your intestines around there are folded. So like the bowel or whatever folds? I don’t really know what was going on or what my insides are doing LOL.

Well, I guess my intestines can be like ‘J’,  what would jackie do? hahha ‘What would Jesus Do” That’s what I was thinking, Run? no more! No! I have to add more tests, on more of my days off? I better get a vacation soon hahaha. So, Now it’s a waiting game, see what my specialist says and my doctor, but I won’t see them till end of the month or beginning of April 2017. So, If Other tests will be ordered, I sure as heck hope not wanting to drink any more smoothies..Whew! So 3/22/17 I’ll have the lovely 5 course ,room service meal, NOT! I wish, lol I never had room service. It’s been a wierd, hard, funny road so far, and I just have to be grateful and keep smiling. I have a family.  I have a calling. I have a purpose, so I have to stay living and I have to stay healthy. It all is meant to be and all will be well. I have my faith in god. I have an Awesome support team . I’m so loved. Yes, Sometimes behind my words, I cry! I’m not ashamed. Sometimes when I hurt or in pain really bad or tired and nausauted and real sick I want it all to go back to being normal, But the lord suffered greatly, and he knows my pain and suffering. He is there with me and giving me strength. This may seem like a small trial to others, and well it so could be. We all handle things different, I decide to write,smile, laugh,sing, and dance lol but just enjoy life the best I can through it all.If this helps anyone , It be awesome. I would love to have others smile and no matter your ‘tests’ in life , big or small, Remember YOU CAN DO IT. It’s only a short time here on earth, So make the best of it 🙂 Help each other.

So Wed, I’ll do my 5 course meal lol Gastric emptying test and we’ll see what happens and whats next. Just keep going! No matter your heartache,struggles, lifes, stresses and etc, You just keep on. Am I worrying about the cost? NO! I told them to bill me, what the insurance don’t pay, We’ll pay when we can, What matters is I’m getting help that I need and hopefully a better solution. I’ll keep on smiling, crying, laughing, praying, living, and finding the joy in ALL CIRUCMSTANCES. Remain postitive as much as I can, after All, I did promise that 🙂 So I will keep on being Momma, keep on being an awesome wife, do my church calling and continue working, find our first home ,and YES, I’m going for my Bachelor’s in Marriage and Family Studies, You just got to keep going. I’m so lucky and blessed. Why complain ? why worry? Just keep going! It’s tough but you can do it. I can and I am! And well , til next time, Keep smiling and shining 🙂 Keep laughing with me 🙂 HAHAHa




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