You know that being different isn’t a bad thing. I believe it’s a GREAT THING. I don’t want to act like, look like, sing like,touch like,eat like,and do anything alike. Why would I say this? Because that’s what makes each of us so unique. Being different doesn’t mean one of us is better than the other. We’re all loved the same by our creator. We are all amazing. We all have talents. We are all smart.

Yes, Some are better at certain things than one another. Doesn’t mean they are greater and better in a sense of ‘popularity’. I don’t believe in being ‘popular’. I believe that we are all created equal in the sense of man and woman. Doesn’t matter which country you are from. We all have talents and desires that may seem alike but we all can sing different. We dress different, write different, talk, and look different. But, we are all AMAZING.

I love to learn from others. I love experiencing different cultures, music,writing,fashion,etc..I love supporting others as they work on their talents or dreams. Why shouldn’t I ? We all have them and it takes courage to come up and express and JUST DO! You see there is all these ‘popular ‘ Artists, actresses,and actors. Not to mention other made known people. But why do we label them the ‘Stars’ . They are different, yes! They are more better than we are? NO WAY! If I seen such a star, I wouldn’t be all AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh autograph and freak out.. Why? Because they are human too. The talents they provide shine more bright than others. But really they are still loved the same. Do I love my favorite singer and etc better than myself and life? Heck No! I enjoy watching them grow and they give me courage in my writing and singing. I can’t picture being in the glam and etc. I have too much stage fright lol. Do I give up on my I do? NO WAY! I keep going. One day at a time.

We all have something to learn from everyone . Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Believe in yourself as if you are the only one watching,listening,and learning. That’s how you’ll gain courage to do what you want and desire. I believe in being different so we can learn and grow from each other. Otherwise life would be really boring.

Here is a song I sang today. I love how it is made. I know I’m not the greatest, but i’m different and I enjoyed singing it the way I wanted too. I learn from it. I am slowly gaining my courage. Keep smiling and shining and may we all keep supporting, loving,and grow!



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