Staying Strong During Trials

Well, the last of my testing is done. I went yesterday back to the hospital. It was awesome to catch up with a dear friend too. She brought her knitting stuff and hung out the whole day with me. We talked about all kinds of stuff. It really makes you feel good to have someone there with you, especially when your kids are at school, and your hubby being a power lineman being who knows where.

I am grateful for another special dear friend who was with me through the last tests as well. What a great adventure too. I have found that true friends are there no matter what. They will sit with you, visit you, call you, and pray for you. No matter how often you need them, you know you would do the same, so they are there for you countless times. I’m grateful for that. I am grateful for a strong support from my 12 siblings and their families, my parents, my extended family, and my husband, children, and his parents and families. I feel the prayers and the love. Even though It’s been forever since I’ve been on a vacation lol and I so want to go to the beach then to pay medical bills, I can have both worlds. One is a dear cousin who is extremely awesome and checks on me gave me information about meditation. So there is an app called Insite Timer. I’ve downloaded it and anxious to check it out.

I got to make sure I stop stressing about these medical bills. I know I’m trying to make sure we don’t have debt. But stressing will cause more problems. That’s one reason why I love music and writing. I also love helping others. It soothes my soul. So anything I can do to stay busy, I’ll do it. I’m just so grateful for all the love and support. Especially through these hard times lately. When you have trials, it’s very important to be surrounded by those that are uplifting and loving. It makes a big difference. I am also grateful for my Heavenly Father and Savior. The gospel and these incredible men whom I cannot wait to meet has always been there for me. Even though I can’t see them. I really can feel them. I can’t explain it. My strength to continue suffering through these trials daily but still manage to work, finish school, being a mom and wife. Also serving others and continue to do what I love is remarkable. That strength is given to me by them. I’ll never deny that.

I build my testimony each and every day. I know that one day I’ll be completely healed. On top of all these issues, neurapthyI still deals with pain, widespread inflammation. I deal with IBS, and apparently This Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) I deal with lower back neuropathy. It hurts. I can’t sit for long periods. I want to enjoy life. So I’m enjoying it. No matter your trials from physical, to emotional, financial, spiritual, it all plays a part in life. It’s your life trials. You gain more and you conquer some. You’ll always have a hard road. It’s what you do that counts.How you handle yourself. Be more constructive and not destructive. Always keep yourself as healthy as you can. You only have one life, anyways .so ENJOY IT. Don’t let things get you down and give up. Yes, It’s harder to do then say, but as for me and what you are doing, WE’RE DOING IT. So it must not be that hard. You must accept things and learn that you can’t fix mistakes, but you can pave for a better road. Having a healthy body is so important. So keep going. That’s what I say anyways.:)

I love learning. I am anxious to finish this pathway program in July. I can’t wait to apply to BYU-Idaho online. I want so bad to have that Bachelors in marriage and family studies. I’ve waited so long .You think I’m going to let these issues stop that? HECK NO! You must keep going. You need to keep going no matter how hard it is. Trust me! It gets harder, but it gets even more BEAUTIFUL!  I am so blessed to have all I dreamed of. I’m blessed for these challenges because I see more of a strong, loving, beautiful, amazing person. I love me more. That is the best gift I could give me. To reach my full potential. I want that for everyone. I want everyone to be blessed. I want everyone’s dreams to come true. I wish there was no suffering . Yet, I know that’s part of the plan. But we all can keep going and smile. We can continue to grow, learn, teach, love, and conquer. Togetherness is better than being alone.

So each day is a new day. Somedays are better than the others. Yesterday was my day off. I hadn’t had a good day off in awhile. I have had all these tests or catching up with house work and school work. So, when I could sit with my friend and talk with her and catch up, even though we were at the hospital, it WAS AWESOME. Just as catching up by phone, email,messanger,etc..It makes the day much brighter. So I took the Gastric Emptying Test Day and made it a FUN DAy. And our Son has that stomach bug, Yuck! He sent a text saying ‘I’m dying, LOL. I’m you today” Poor guy, he found out how I have been puking my guts up or how my bad IBS gets some days.. I just hope that bug stays away from our Daughter , myself and hubby lol It needs to disappear, It’s awful!

So as I enjoyed my lovely test, I got served a cup of scrambled eggs. Not the greatest when you’re nauseated. If you don’t know what a Gastric Emptying Test is, Basically it’s a test where you get to go in a room where they put a small amount of radioactive stuff in your food. You have so long to eat and drink water in this nice recliner. That’s what I had. Each place is different. Then you stand between like to x-ray things enclosed in some and put your arms straight out and stay still. So this takes about 5 minutes. Then you go in the waiting room. For me, I did this every hour, screen .for about 4 hours. I go back and forth. They showed me the screen.I thought it was awesome. I was radioactive LOL.My stomach looked like a fire was burning in there. I was lit up lol. That’s how they notice where the food is and how it goes through your digestive system. Which then I started singing the Radioactive song hahaha. So I was all smiling thinking, Ya hunny, I’m like in the video game Fall out hahaha. I’m lite up lol . So the camera takes pictures and the staff basically measures and does whatever they do and get a report made by radiologist makes his comments and sends to my specialist. More to test like for Gastroparesis ( like a paralyzed stomach) or other diseases. Measures to see how fast the food moves through from like really fast (they usually call it like dumping syndrome) to moves really slow at emptying which is like Gastroparesis. I’m no doctor, so this is what I’ve gathered and what I’ve been told, just I put in Laymen terms.

So basically I’m waiting on my results from my tests and then we’ll go from there. I see my regular doctor next week too. So hopefully all these fun filled tests will help us determine whats going on. Not that I don’t have enough health issues anyways LOL. But for the most part, I’m still smiling. It’s been an humbling experience. I’m learning so much and growing. I have an amazing support team and forever grateful for all those that are loving me and supporting me. It really really helps. A lot of people get help from hearing me sing or from my writing. So, I will keep on doing that too.

I just want to say I am grateful. And when times are very very hard, I know I can count on my Heavenly Father and Savior. They know me so much. There have been so many times that without a doubt I know it’s their hand that played a big part in many things. Even sometimes when I think I don’t want to suffer anymore. I don’t want to be made out as a loser and someone that can’t be a good mother and wife etc.. I get pulled back up and that crap goes out the window.ALways remember and I’m trying too, that just because we have trials in life, doesn’t mean we can’t be or do something. We can do anything. I can do anything, with or without trials. I AM RIGHT NOW! I’m hanging on tight and I’m seeing the world as beautifully as I can. I try to stay postitive . Negativity just makes things worse. So, yes despite the horrible things, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL with all the trials.Because like me, and like you , It makes it that way. SO KEEP ON SHINING and SMILING> May you continue to be blessed. Til next time 🙂 Here’s hoping for a better health plan and a more sunshiny day 🙂 TRULY BLESSED


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