Goodbye Pain, Hello Blessings :)

You know I think that life is wonderful even through all my trials. For one, when my husband has a day off, I usually am working. So, he made this wonderful breakfast for me. Since I had like 30 mins before I needed to log into work. I went to go down the stairs. Well, I sure went down the stairs. I literally went skiing down on my neck/back/and however, I landed. I did that few months ago too. Our carpet is getting really thin and there is only one railing which is broken. I decided that I wanted to practice skiing, like in the dream my husband had. He dreamt that he and I went skiing with my parents. That would be awesome. So I guess it was my way of making it come true lol.

The whole breakfast I cried. It wasn’t me crying because it was bad. I just hurt. From the neck down. And how stupid to do it again. I decided not to beat myself up because life still must go on. And I didn’t get checked out because I would see my family doctor wed. So this happened Saturday 3/25/17. I went upstairs and signed into work and did my homework for school. I then showered and went to bed. When I went to get up to go to church Sunday, You know it, I could not move. My husband stayed at home with me and helped me. Literally, my neck down, arms, legs, bottom, and back were hurting. So I shed some tears and rested. I knew wed isn’t that far off. I have an amazing husband. He helps in anyway he can. So I toughed it out. It’s Tuesday and I’m hanging on. Still hurting. Still banged up and bruises are coming more.

Instead of just lying around, I must continue to go on. I mean look at what I’ve been through already? I guess I’m just that strong to handle more pain lol. Thank goodness for doctors. So I see my family doctor tomorrow and my specialist end of April. We’ll be getting results from all my tests and a plan to see what happens next. In the meantime, I must continue to work, be a mom and despite falling, I just have to dust myself off and keep going. You have too. Could’ve been a lot worse. That’s why I’m still smiling. I’m grateful it wasn’t. I know accidents happen. Sometimes more than we like, and you can’t avoid them. You just deal with it and move on.

Trust me, You still have to take care of yourself. I’m not going to live in fear of stairs. I am going to look for a home where my office and bedroom can be on the 1st floor if possible lol.Other than that I’m blessed. Our daughter turns 6 today. A Beautiful ray of sunshine. Our son is almost a senior and working on going on a mission for our church. My husband continues to do his apprenticeship and work on getting his journeyman’s license. He loves being a power lineman . He is such an amazing father and husband. They all support me in my journey of going to school, working from home and love that I am working on singing and writing. What an amazing clan I have. I love them more than anything.

So I am in my 2nd semester of pathway and I start my spring semester which is the last semester of pathway. It will help me get credits to transfer over to BYU-Idaho. There I will sign up to apply to start in Fall of this year. I so can’t wait. I’ve waited for so long to get my Bachelor’s and dreamed of going to BYU. Now I can do it from home. What a blessing.! Another reason to smile. Despite the horrible things and painful things in life, there are more wonderful blessings to see and enjoy. I can’t wait to further my education and get my degree in Marriage and Family Studies. I can’t wait to continue to help not only my family grow but others too. Anything I can do to help show love and support I will.

Always remember that through tough times, you are made stronger. In those times you are shown endless possibilities to help others. More blessings are there than pain. I’m truly blessed. I will continue to accept that each day! How wonderful It is. Goodbye pain, hello Blessings 🙂


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