I’ve gotten to know a lot of people all over the world lately. Even during the storms in our life and mother nature storms, I try to see the beauty. I try to see the beauty in my art doodles. I try to see beauty in someone else, no matter where they are or what they have done. It really isn’t up to me to judge. I honestly don’t look to see what color they are. I prefer everyone to be purple lol I love purple. I learned it stands for integrity too.

So, No matter what I try. Yes, I am human and I won’t lie. I’ve made fun of others. I’ve cussed, gotten mad, and basically, I’m human! I am working on changing each day. Some days are harder than others. Yet, through all the things in life, there is more beauty in this world and in each of us. Through our talents and upon this earth. Why we compare ourselves to others I have no idea. Why we don’t look for the good then the bad? I’m wondering too. I see more criticism than support. We are more afraid to stop and lend a hand or buy someone food then when I remember being 8 years old and giving a book of Mormon to a man. Come to find out, That man was blind. I had no idea. I didn’t ask. I just thought he like a book to read. I looked to his heart and soul. Not his appearance.

I am trying to do that each day. Whether I follow you on social media or see you outside somewhere, or even if it’s a friend or family member. If I could do something in this world it would be to let everyone I know they are all important and not a number to me. I don’t care how many likes I get. How much ‘mail’ I get. I don’t even care if I get any listens or looks. But If I could help one person, that one person may need it oh so very much. So I must forget about my worries and trials and serve others in any way I can. Even if that’s a simple message.  I know how it feels. It feels AMAZING! I was prompted to write this today because I received some amazing messages lately on twitter. There are real people talking back to you instead of an automated message 🙂 That right there is an amazing feeling.

I don’t care if they are ‘famous’ or not. I look beyond that. Although some may flip out if they knew who I’ve talked too lol. Well, that is quite alright 🙂 Whatever makes you happy, that is quite alright. We must be happy. You may think that I’m a people person and I laugh when some think that. To be honest, I have stage fright bad! Even when talking about this, singing, or whatever. I’ve always considered me to be shy. Yet, what makes me go on and ‘act’ like I don’t, is I love a challenge. Trust me! Life is a challenge and I don’t want to give up. Neither should anyone else. That’s why we must see beauty in everything , aren’t supposeeven ourselves. That is what helps me daily. That’s what we call confidence. I am getting that build up more and more. I love it. It makes me feel on top of the world. I want to share everyone I meet and their story to everyone I can. I want others to shine and smile and feel good about themselves. So I have my whole life ahead of me. So I’m doing it. Why shouldn’t we all?

Just take life as it is. Try not to stress so much. Yet, you know we all do. Try to see the beauty. And work on finding what makes you happy and SHINE! Show aren’t supposedto have talents and learn talents from others to keep hid in a closet. We are suppose to let each other know what we are good at and what we would like to be helped with. So JUST DO IT 🙂 Let IT RIP! I know easier said then done, but hey, I’m taking my own advice, I’m doing it, slowly but surely 🙂

I’m enjoying life of finding the beauty in all things. Started with myself, my husband,my children,f amily and friends. Now it’s going around the world. So much I want to experience and see. So if I can help someone , even by a listen, kind words, like, message, hug,or whatever. SOO BE IT 🙂 BEAUTIFUL THINGS IN ALL THINGS AND ALL OF US 🙂


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