This is my family.  I was blessed to be adopted when I was about 3 years old. I’m  the shy looking one on the right in the red cute dress. My twin sister Charity is on the left. Then Tommy is the one that is on the left from us at the end. Charles is the one in the middle with his mouth blocked out. We were all blessed to be adopted Easter of 1986. My twin sister and I were 2 months old being put up for adoption. Tommy was 1 and Charles was 2. We were turning 3 that year. My parents were about to have a new addition as well in August.

We were special needs kids that wanted to stay together and was blessed to have been adopted by incredible parents. With that we were blessed to have 9 siblings. So that made 13 of us. How blessed. Especially on Easter. I still remember that day. Charity and I were kicking and screaming for Nanny in the back seat. Our new Dad and Mom so full of smiles. Couldn’t blame us we were young and scared. Yet I look back and see a miracle. How grateful I am for my heavenly father and my family.

Easter is really special to me. It’s  not about the candy baskets or the Easter bunny.  To me it’s a reminder personally  how blessed and special I am. I know there are thousands and thousands of children that need love and families. I know that there are those that don’t have anyone. It breaks my heart so very much. Because I want everyone to know they are loved and are amazing. So that is why I write. That is why I sing. That is why I blog.  I do it to grow,learn of myself and inspire others.I mean that’s  why we are here right ? To do for others not for ourselves. I want everyone to know THEY are loved and so worth it. If only they believe.Whether you believe it or not we are all brothers and sisters. We are all loved and should show our love. I believe this so i wanted to share. You have your agency and thats fine. If you could only see my heart its so huge that it hurts alot. But in a good way because I have been loved and continue to be loved by so many. So what’s wrong with sharing the same ? It’s remarkable what 2 amazing parents did . Not only for us but for all of us. The sacrifices.  So I must let them know that I’ll do my best to treat others the same way,even as my siblings and extended family. Not to mention countless friends and my husband and children. You know like the golden rule ?

I am so grateful to have such unselfish, amazing,loving,remarkable parents,siblings, and extended family. How grateful I am for their love and sacrifice.  I can’t stress enough how goodness,love,sacrifices are important in this life. It amazes me every day to think of how blessed I am. I must admit I miss my family so much. I don’t  see them much.The fun memories and how not only for holidays but each day we were loved and shown that just because we were “adopted” didn’t mean we were excluded. We were made part of the family forever. I get excited telling my husband and son and daughter  stories. Even though I’m a step parent to a 6 yr old girl and A 17 yr old son, doesn’t mean that I should treat them different.  I see them as they are mine and love them each day even more. I always wanted to be a mother and if I could adopt a million kids I would. I strongly believe no matter where you are or who are , you should be loved always. So no matter if I’m homesick and miss them, thank goodness for social media,vacations,messages,mail and most of all memories. That is what helps me learn and grow. And a great reminder I am still so loved no matter where I am or how old I am.

I could go on about this post but since Easter is around the corner I wanted to share my feelings. I want others out there know that they are loved and if you don’t have anyone ,know that you have all of us around the world and just reach out. No one should be alone. We as brothers and sisters all over the world need to pull together and welcome,shine,share,love,help,support and above all care. Put others first and do what we can. I try. You don’t have to be rich or ‘famous’ to do so. One simple thought,action,prayer,message,or whatever you do goes along way.

I’m grateful for my savior to make it possible doing something I can’t even imagine for us. He paved a way and because his sacrfice ,love and of amazing heavenly parents I have a forever family not only my adopted but my husband and children. Because of that and what I believe to know in my heart and my faith we can be together forever and expand our families throughout eternity. I believe so much and feel that in my heart. I know this to be true. I’m grateful for my talents. For my trials in health. For all the challenges that I’ve  endured because I became humble,with a broken heart,happy,caring and loving. I keep going and I love to see others shine,not suffer. I try to love everyone even those that have hurt me because they have their battles that I don’t see. So I try to be of support no matter if they still hurt me . I can’t make others like or love me. But I can sure love and like others. I can TRY. Not saying im perfect,trust me, but i can try and always forgive. It’s time to keep smiling and find joy no matter the circumstances and know how hard it can be, but so worth it , just try. Keep going for your dreams . Share your talents to inspire ,heal,care,learn,and teach. Don’t do it for richness and popularity.  Thats why i sing and write and do my art and whatever i can because i learn and grow and express. I do it as if no one is listening or watching. No matter how vulnerable either. I just know all will work out and will be Wonderful. 

I didn’t choose my family. The made a sacrifice out of love to choose me and my twin and 2 brothers. They continue to choose to love and support me. How awesome is that.Amazing gift besides my savior that I’ve gotten is An eternal family,siblings,parents,and now children and husband.

As I said before this isn’t for likes. It isn’t a post for “I’m perfect”. It is sharing my beliefs,my heart, and to inspire and grow. More importantly a dedication to those in my life that have known me and loved me from beginning. I don’t show enough Love but my family and parents which includes my aunts,uncles,cousins,grandparents husband and children inspire me so much in a special way that I have too big of a family to write it out. Maybe one day I’ll  write a book lol..The most amazing thing I love to do is make someone feel loved and smile. And I try everyday to do what I can. Especially because Easter of 1986 there were many amazing people that did the same. For that my life and heart was forever changed. For because not only my savior paved a way but 2 BEAUTIFUL amazing souls and their children and extended family embraced,loved,and opened up their home,heart and life for us. How can I ever thank them,then by showing I care to others.

Love the life you got even in the worst of times. Never think you are alone. Don’t ever compare to others. We are all United as one. We are loved,amazing and talented. It’s just up to each of us to recognize.  We have faults. We have our agency. What you do with that is in your hands. Things happen because it’s meant too. Keep going and shine for others because others need your light so they can grow with you and keep being shining example as well. ~Jackie


3 thoughts on “MY FAMILY FOR ETERNITY ❤❤❤

  1. I have just loved reading your blog posts Jackie – your are one inspirational woman and I feel as though I know you better now – thank you for sharing everything – your joy, your pain, your dreams – it makes you human 🙂 Laini xx

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