This is my family! Pic was couple years ago. My hubby Chris is a power lineman working hard to get his Journeyman. Wow! I tell you, I am so glad I don’t deal with all that weather and issues. You work long and hard hours. Especially in all weathers and away from your family. I’m forever grateful I chose 3 years ago to Marry him in June 2014 and move from Always living in Tennessee to Ohio. Such an amazing man who wipes my tears supports me all he can, hard working, an amazing father and priesthood holder. My soulmate and best friend for Eternity ❤ I’m the best electricity he will ever see me be near hahaha

I gained a Step Daughter who is 6 and Savannah sure loves her Daddy. She also states she is the princess and I can never be one lol. As she will always be Daddy’s Princess. But she does say I can be a Queen. So I’ll take that. 🙂 We love Disney Movies so I can’t wait one day to make a it a fun Disney movie party 🙂 But really my dream is to go to the beach with my family and go to Disney World! 🙂 I’m all about Dreams happening so one day that will come. Then there is the Handsome Gavin who is 17 and Almost a Senior. Which he will be in August. He is working towards being a missionary for our church one day and wants to be a Firefighter and EMS. He is also loves Boxing. So he is working out and getting fit to someday do some fights. These kids are amazing and so loved. Divorce is a sad thing, but they are doing great with it. Things happen and I know that their father did the best he could but people make choices so you can’t help change or make someone love you back. I’m just grateful he stepped up and been there for them. They are so much like their father. So smart, sweet, big heart and full of life.  I let them know that I’m another mother, friend, and I’ll always be there for them. That no matter what happens they are so very loved. I don’t ever want to take the place of their mother. So I try to do my best. Let me be honest peeps, I’m 33 years old,  Being a ‘Step’ Mother is very hard. You have to have more patience, love and most of all understanding. I was grateful to be raised by 2 wonderful parents who adopted me. I learned alot from them and found how I’m so compassionate about things. I’ve also been divorced 2 times. Sometimes you give your heart up to others but they don’t want the same. So you just have to keep going forward and build yourself up from the pain. Because in the end there is BEAUTIFULNESS WAITING. And for me, it so happened 🙂  Chris has been a single father for Gavin pretty much all his life. Savannah shares time with her mother and with us. We just keep showing love and try to be of support. But let me tell you, they sure do have my heart. I couldn’t ask for a better man and children.

So, in life, you do make mistakes. In life, you choose certain choices. I am learning that FAMILY IS NUMBER ONE~ You must make sure they are taken care of. Also, you have to make sure you are well too. I’m not saying I’m not going to do anything I dream of because I am already doing it. I have everything I need. I have an amazing man, a job that I get to work from home. I get to work on getting my Bachelor’s in Marriage and Family Studies, be a mother and sing and write. Between all of that, I am serving as a ward missionary for my church. I am serving others in any way I know how. I am also supporting all those that I can. We all need love and support. Trust me, what helps this big heart of mine is seeing everyone smile. Seeing everyone I can be happy, healthy, and get whatever they need. I have food, clothing, and shelter. And Really I have so much!I love seeing others be surprised. I love being the one to surprise others. Even if it’s something so small. I love watching on TV and seeing Like Ellen, The Voice, AGT, and other shows that do good. Gosh Peeps, That is some LOVING, CARING, and AMAZING things right there. What amazing examples we have in our life and how they are constantly changing other’s life. Thank goodness for awesome shows, charities, business and other helpful groups. I know I can’t clothe everyone. I can’t feed everyone. I can’t make everyone’s dreams come true. I wish I could adopt all children and animals. I wish everyone worked and can have everything they so desire. I just wish I could, but I can’t. Doesn’t stop me from supporting all those wanting to business, or share a talent, or raise funds for something. Doesn’t stop me from loving, Toosharing, embracing, caring, and just praying for them. Nope! I do whatsoever I can do and this Heart can handle. No matter who they are and where they come from.

Yes, We all matter To anyway. I can’t speak for you. I can’t speak for my family. But I will tell you I want my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren etc.. To know that life is short. life is hard. life can get you so down but there is so much blessings and sunshine to find and see in the now. That I want them to grow and love everyone by who they are and not what they look like or what they have. I want them to see that they are loved no matter what they believe or have done.  To help everyone if they need help or help find them things they need if they can’t do so. Never turn anyone away. To keep their heart humble and soft. Mistakes or not, SO WHAT! THEY ARE LOVED. I want it to pass generation to generation. All the love that I was given and replacing all the heartache and pain that I’ve endured. I want to build that up and pass it from generation to generation. I want them to know in THEIR HEARTS, There is a GOD! They must find that out for themselves. We all need to be together. We are all brothers and sisters  in this beautiful world. Notice I said world? I didn’t say my mayberry looking town lol. I said World! Yes! We , and I mean in my beliefs are All Gods Creation. WE ALL MATTER. WE ALL ARE AMAZING.

So all those that are doing good no matter if you are recognized or not, Keep doing it. Don’t worry about the ‘likes’ the views ‘ the gifts or if you get surprises.. You will be blessed and when you least expect it. Just keep being a great example in your own life, as I’m trying to be for my husband, children, family, friends, and all those that know me or will meet. I’m far from perfect and I still have an aching heart of things that i’ve done and endured, but one day i’ll be completly healed. So keep reaching out to everyone you can. Do it because it makes you smile. Sing if you sing because it makes others listen and open up their hearts. Dream big as if you have the endless sky all to yourself, because that is your life. Write as if your pen never runs out of ink, because you are that amazing and already telling your story. Play, Dance, And do whatever makes you feel good because that is WHO YOU ARE ! You are suppose to be doing what you came here to do and that is SHINE! Forget about who’s watching. Forget about those fears. Take it one day at a time, like i’m doing it, and SHINE! You are so freaking amazing.! Just like my FREAKING AWESOME AMAZING FAMILY! I LOVE THEM MORE EACH DAY AND MORE THAN MY HEART AND WORLD FEELS> They give me so much strength and that’s why I rather see them all SHINE AND ALL THOSE I CAN! Keep smiling and shining! ~ JACKIE


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