Well, it’s another Tuesday. Another great and marvelous day. Always try to see the good times. Sometimes that’s really hard. Like I said, TRY. As this is something new, I’m going back to tons of my poems just sitting in a box. Why? Why not bring them out and share. I mean I might as well burn them. They are just taking space. If I love writing so much, why don’t I share that with others. Especially when I write supportive poems.

So OUR TROOPS is a poem I wrote years ago. And THANK YOU is this year (2017) .I had put my poems in a little book with a quote book and sold it on a self-publishing site. Then I was going through a tough time with health and a divorce I started to just hide my talents away. Well, when I finally met my prince and I mean it. HE IS MY PRINCE! I do believe in fairy tales. One day I’ll go where they all are in Disney World with my Family lol 🙂 That’s on my bucket list. Anyways back to it, to deal with my pain and suffering for 15 years of 2 bad marriages and other things I’ve endured I went to writing and writing and taking pictures, and art doodling, and singing. Basically, anything to keep me busy. I had really no life. So I decided to start snapping out of it and doing for others. I would put my poems on shirts. I would read them in front of others. I would email and mail them or sell copies of my books.

One day I got to read my Troop Poem I wrote at a National Guard Armory. WOW! They all stood attention to me. Not one soldier moved. I saw them tear up. It was the Most AMAZING FEELING. The Best time in my life. They are already doing so much for me already, and to witness this! WOW! I’m glad I wasn’t asked to sing lol I fear that 🙂 all the soldiers that come and gone, I LOVE THEM DEARLY. I do what I can to support them. To be able to read this not so perfect poem to them, that made my day. So, I hope this can touch all those that have or are serving. From the bottom of my Heart, TY SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND DO! From family, friends, and strangers that have and are and will serve, I SALUTE YOU! I PRAY FOR YOU! I LOVE YOU! I HONOR YOU! I CARE FOR YOU! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! YOU ARE AMAZING! This isn’t much but I hope you love the poem IT’S FOR YOU! MY GIFT TO YOU! ~JACKIE~




Our Troops how wonderful they are

Risking their lives to save us all.

From dusk to dawn, hard work second by second.

Minute by minute they keep going strong.

With their hearts in the right place,

Far from the ones they love.

They keep fighting for their country

They don’t give up, they keep tugging along.

From wounds to deaths

Different hardships they encounter

They need to know we love them,

And respect them for hard work.

From Iraq to other deserts to all kinds of wars

With wounds, bullets, no family they move forward.

With faith and courage, they don’t complain

Remember our troops because they are all the same.

We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our troops.

Keep praying and giving them hope.

We love our troops and want them to be safe

Hopefully, they can come back home forever.

~  (2007, revised 2017 (C)~Jackie H * Dedicated to all our fallen troops and now! God bless you all

Dedicated to all our fallen troops and now! God bless you all




Unselfishsoldierss working hard to survive
Fighting for our freedom without asking why.
Courageous battles they fight in every way.
Missing their loved ones each and every day.
Serving and standing up for what they believe
Helping, protecting and fighting to keep us free.
Doing their best holding on to every  breath
Staying strong through life’s painful tests.
There are not enough words to say how grateful I am,
Being able to live with my love ones safe and sound.
My heart is with you each and every day
Never feel alone and always staying safe I pray.
Prayers of comfort, love, and strength I send
Because you must know you’re appreciated, there’s no end.
Always know deep in your heart
You always play an important part
Each day you are more incredible, courageous and strong
We support you and want you back where you belong,
                                                   (c) Jackie H-2017

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