Hey Peeps~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NEPHEW MASON~ He is currently serving a 2-year mission in Utah for our Church!! So awesome to put aside time and serve and help others.! I am serving as a ward missionary in my church, but I get to stay at home and be around my family. When you go on a mission you are away from your friends and family and devote your time to others and the lord. Plus, you have to pay to go on one. YOU DON’T get paid! Our son Gavin is deciding to go on a mission. He’ll be a senior this August. Time flies! I hope my husband and I can go on a mission to China one day .. I love Chinese food. But I LOVE TRAVELING. Since I was little I always wanted to go there. We’ll see. So until then, I’ll just do my best and love, support, care,  and keep going! I have been all over the United States except for Noth Dakota, Vermont, Alaska, and Hawaii. But those days will come and more 🙂 I’ve seen from surrey bc to almost Newfoundland in  CANADA, in my previous marriage as I was married to a Truck Driver. That was the best part I must say was traveling and doing my writing and singing all over the United States. Music and writing sure helped me in my dark times in that part of life. You learn and you move on 🙂 So I did. I just think of the blessings that come and I had and good memories. I’m thriving to do wonders and LOVE SUPPORTING OTHERS. WHICH I’M DOING NOW 🙂

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AWESOME AND AMAZING BROTHER TOMMY 🙂 Please check him out. He loves the views. Please if you leave comments don’t be cruel , be nice! He still goes on and loves his life despite the rudeness of others that you may see. Sometimes you can’t help the way you are. I’m just going to leave it at that. Because I look beyond people’s difficulties. I look to the heart. He is an amazing brother and so full of life. He has so many dreams of being a rapper, to a country singer, to a doctor, to a writer, and photographer. Tommy is the best brother I could ask for. I’m so grateful that we got adopted together. I can’t imagine being separated from my twin sister and my 2 brothers. TODAY he is 35 Years old! I love his jokes. I love his songs. I support him in all he does. I will always love him. You couldn’t ask for a more loving, hardworking, funny,caring, and amazing person. I cherish our talks and memories and hope to see him soon!So check him out on Youtube. He’ll love it 🙂 Keep shining Brother! ❤


NEXT SHOUT OUT IS TO MY NEPHEWS ETHAN AND NOAH~ They are my nephews from my twin sister charity and her husband paul. I love them so much. It’s hard living in another state away from family but more importantly your twin. Yes, we do have an amazing bond. We are fraternal twins but have an amazing BOND! And yes we know when one is hurt! ❤ . So when I found out that Noah and Ethan wanted to do Youtube videos, because they love the Views,! HAHAHA, I had to make my first Variety post with them. So Aunt Jackie loves you, Ethan and Noah! I hope you get many likes and views for your posts. So below is Ethan’s Video which is so funny. And just click on Ethan’s Factory to follow



THEN THERE IS NOAH~ HE IS THE OLDER ONE OF THE FAMILY. SO HIS CHANNEL IS CALLED HEY, MY NAME IS BIG HEAD. They really do some weird things. But I so love them. Yay, for using their imagination. As they said, like and subscribed. KIDS WILL BE KIDS AND HAVE FUN 🙂



Last but least is me, I don’t care if I get listens or not hahaha 🙂 I love seeing other’s dreams fulfilled. Isn’t life all about what we can do for others and not for ourselves? Well, I believe that to be true. As that is what I have been doing all my life. I want ALL to shine, smile, and know they are cared for , supported, and whether it’s my family or not! IF YOU DON’T KNOW I ALWAYS PUT OTHERS FIRST AND HAVE BEEN. I BELIEVE THAT IS THE PURPOSE WHY WE ARE HERE. I WILL CAP THAT TOO 🙂  We need to support each other 🙂 Having 12 other siblings I have many nieces and nephews and other members so there will be tons of stories to be told 🙂 JUST  WARNING YOU ALL THAT LISTEN AND READ (NOTE TO FAMILY LOL ) That’s what you get for supporting my dreams lol . You might end up on my blog, And yes, I’ll take recommendations too 🙂 (just like when I told my son that I had dreamed I went on the voice and he said ‘Cool! you will make it big, I said nope! I got all 4 chairs turned and they were wondering who I was going to vote for, Well it got quiet. So in my sweet soft voice, I smiled and looked at each judge and said NO ONE!  Let me tell you I’ve never heard such Gasps in my life. Everyone looked at me, and judges felt hurt. MY son was .like WHAT! Why you do that? That’s what you wanted and I was like, No, they helped me make it this far and I got full confidence now, that I want someone else to have the chance and spotlight. I thanked them all for giving me the courage to sing on stage again and I said choose someone else 🙂 I left with that and completed my cd. Then I woke up lol. So that’s the closes to hearing and being on the voice lol.

So here is Landslide by Stevie Nicks, and When I dream by Crystal Gayle, But i’m singing 🙂 It’s the best I can do is I sing on this karaoke site til I can sing my own songs, Just waiting for someone to provide the time and music, and I’m waiting on saving for my dreams one day, but others must come first 🙂 So my cd can wait! ALL THE BEST!! 🙂 See you Tommorrow



Keep smiling and dreaming 🙂 Keep shining and Believing !~Jackie ❤


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