IT’S FRIDAY PEEPS. Happy Easter Weekend. I hope you all enjoy the time with family and friends. Always try to help those in need as well! 🙂 I love showing my support! I am loving meeting so many new people around the world. It feels my heart full of joy knowing that just a simple message, like, or view to help support them in their dreams. I know it’s not much, but it’s something. You all are amazing and incredible. THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR TALENTS WITH THE WORLD>THANK YOU FOR NOT HIDING THEM! Those that are still shy or scared (like me lol) I’m working on it, Keep going one step at a time! You’ll make it. You have something to offer the world. Never give up.

Well, Friday’s are my posts of things that I believe are helpful in my life. I feel if it helps me, it might help you. Today I’m going to post about Working from home. As I work from home it is a blessing. Not only do I feel closer to my family, but it helps work with my schedule, now .especially going to colnow.Yes, I am 33 and now I am going to college. Nothing wrong with it. Dreams do happen. Just not when you want it 🙂 But It’s here and my time. So I love being able to have a job and go to school . Yes, and being a mother and wife. You can do it 😉 I work when everyone is at school and hubby is at work. Then on the weekends I just work saturday and have Sunday’s off. We have family home evening and church that day. Got to make time for that. Plus my hours are between 8am-9 pm. It varies . It works though. Especially since the hubby is a power lineman. He is usually home everynight to eat dinner with the family. Which I love 🙂 And then if he’s on call for a storm somewhere else, atleast someone is home. 🙂


The above link is a legit, useful site for so many helpful ways to work from home. I have done many from survey companies to product testing. It’s truly wonderful. Anna is the owner of the site and is there to answer any questions you may need.She really puts a lot of time and dedication in this. She is also on the social media sites and you can get a newsletter. AGAIN ALL LEGIT 🙂 She writes reviews for each thing and has others write reviews too. Everyone is checked out and researched before putting on the site. And if you are like me, you do your own research as well.I appreciate her hard work and her time to help many of us, especially if you have expenses that you need little help out on. Or you like to save and love the gift cards, points, free products ,etc.. Every little bit helps. 🙂 I’ve used this site for many years. I’ve worked off and on for many years from home doing various tasks, calls, surveys, reviews, vehicle and etc. It helped me get my certified nursing license and my first Jeep years ago. Since we vehicle for now and I hope to get a 2nd vechicle , I do all the odd jobs I can to help pay for gas and other expenses. Just check it out. Pretty neat. 🙂 Very helpful indeed.

So I hope this helps those that are needing extra money or work. I wish you all the best. Always remember to keep smiling in all circumstances. Know you’re worth so much. I look forward to meeting others and checking out what you do! All the best~Jackie


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