Happy Easter Weekend Everyone. I’m writing this on my break from work. Since I already blogged about my 1986 memory from previous post where my siblings and I were adopted in Easter that year. I’m just going to tell you about how I got into music and writing.

Since I was a kid I have always loved music. My favorite singer of ALL time and I have many, but the most dear to my heart is Celine Dion.Celine comes from a big family too. I was blessed with many cds of her growing up.She is one amazing,loving,caring,beautiful, and inspiring woman. I’ve had many dreams of seeing her in person and that kept my hopes in life. She can hit some amazing notes and even though I cannot hit those own notes, I still love that she can get us to dream bigger. I may not ever speak or see her, but I am sure she knows how special and wonderful she is. Not to mention countless others. I sang My heart will go on for a try out for chorus . I was in my church choir and so loved it. I got to be with amazing friends. But most importantly singing with my dad and my brother Michael. Those are great memories.

I would sing and record cassette tapes all the time. Win stuff on the radio. Sing with my friends at sleepovers or in the car. I loved the church dances. They were the best. My mother taught me to play piano . So I played for many years.  ( now I just play by ear.)

Music has helped me through times of bullying , depression, happy,angry,and 2 bad marriages. It has always been a positive influence in my life. To help me keep going .I love all kinds. I sang in Choir , chorus for schools,and ensemble as soprano. I’ve done talent shows to church programs to solo parts ,and acting skits at variest times. My family even put on a family talent show and that was the best. I of course sang Celine Dion Songs. But through all that I’ve endured and my depression stage, being hurt stage and wishing I was someone I didn’t need to be, I lost myself. With that I lost confidence, desire and so I forgot of my dreams and just focused on helping others no matter if they did or didn’t appreciate it. I didn’t care. My mindset was I’m not worth it and no one cares so why not just have selfpity and just watch everyone else enjoy their life.

I’ve always written poems,quotes, or songs. I always enjoyed acting and I even wrote a play that my teacher read and gave me a B for it. My mother was the main influence for my writing as well. I would have dear friends help me write and record songs and I could give to my mom on cassette tapes. If I wanted to cheer someone up or just because I would always write letters,post it notes,poems, or songs and give to others. My mom would write quotes and teach us to memorize them. Or fun songs. She still writes us when she can and tells us her favorite quotes.

I’ve just always loved art of expressing whether in acting,singing,music,art,dance or writing. I always enjoyed sharing with others. Even entering contests. It’s amazing how many I entered growing up but now I’m still facing stage fright Lol.I don’t go there lol. That’s why I won’t sing on stage or do live or try out for anything lol. One day maybe.  I’ll get over that one day. I still do all the things from doing skits or singing to writing or playing.One day at a time. Takes time to heal but must keep moving forward.  I love seeing others feel better and smile when I sing a song,or make them laugh, or touch them with my heartfelt words. Makes me so happy to see others shine and know they are loved. Just like our savior. ❤I published 2 poetry books and a quote book one time. Maybe one day I’ll do it again.  Who knows. Until then I’ll just keep sharing my heart so others can keep their dream alive and know they matter.

You may think  How is this a fun memory? Well because music, and writing has always been there . That’s the best part. No matter how you’re feeling it’s a great memory and feeling in anytime of your life. The songs I listen to has a purpose in that time of my life. The songs I write or poems express my feelings.  When I sing I have a reason for the song. It’s my journey and better way to understand myself and others.

My family and friends have always helped,loved,and supported me in my singing,writing,and piano. My memories are endless with them. We all love music.They have never put me down and always gave me great feedback.From Josh Groban,Metalica,Manson, Bob Marley,Katy Perry,Alan Jackson,John Denver,Tabernacle Choir ,etc… That is why I want to Make a CD one day and give it to them. A gift ❤My brother Jon made a few cds and has been my inspiration.  He does music with HGTV. My sister Marylynn has sang various places and with her husband and family. They are Amazing and so supportive.  My brother Allen is very talented and was in a band atticus in his school days and still does music. There is also my sister Maureen and her family from dancing to singing and other wonderful talents.So does my twin sister charity and her family. Along with my brother Tommy and Michael and his family. My sister Carolyn and Liz and their family are musical as well as their children love the industry. There is Tony and his guitar playing and his wife and daughter that enjoy music too. My oldest brother Jeff is laid back love for music and feeling the words and that kava stuff . My brothers and their familys are addicted to surfing . But they have beautiful families and love music as well. Theres Charles and his family full of love,laughter and fun and enjoys different music and talents.  All have talents and we all  love and support each other . Alot comes from amazing and incredible parents.My mother is so talented in many ways and got me to love from John Denver to Kenny rogers,to Barry and so many more. My dad sure enjoys singing ,playing guitar and he really loves singing in the choir. My siblings since there are 12 of them and then their spouses and children you figure there is singing,dancing,tap,guitar playing and other favorites. Talk about an amazing and fun reunion it be to have all of us together doing what we love. I love my family. We embrace our talents ehateve it maybe . And know that family support is key to happy and login relationships.

I have never been to a concert. I have always wanted to go to the cma awards and meet so many artists. I dreamed of going to so many concerts from celine,to nightwish,to greenday,to maroon 5,to dolly and georgestraight. To nineinchnails,weezer,to any country,rock,metal well you get the picture. I always wanted to go not just because I hear they are fun,but to see all the smiling faces and emotions. That if I got the chance to hug the artists and tell them how thankful for them for sharing with us their incredible talent. They all need to know they are important and how blessed we are to have really everyone . We all are good at whatever talent that may be. So that is why I rather support others with my heart,understanding and love. That way you know you Are worth it. I don’t want anyone to be sad and feel like they aren’t something. Trust me been there numerous times and that’s why I keep going . I love the life i have NOW.

Whether I get that chance or not at least there’s social media. I did meet Cody mcarver in an outside program he was doing and Emma King was there. Those are amazing artists. Down to earth,inspiring. It was a little concert but not the ones you hear of. Either way I support them and I got to meet them when I was hurting the worse.

I got rid of all my music during bad times. I got rid of all my electronics. I had 2 bad marriages where I just always did for them and their family and helped “so called friends” and was really bad in depression that I could never afford anything . I couldn’t  go anywhere let alone a concert or get the vip pass. So during those years I continued to serve others and got myself counseling,better job and working on health. I found myself again. I started loving myself more and going for my dreams. I forgave and moved on. When I wasn’t  looking my life change tremendously. I started writing more and more and singing more and more. I met the love of my life and gained 2 BEAUTIFUL step kids. Got back into church more and my families life.  I was able to see life more and know I am worth so much.

Each one in my family have different talents and one thing we love to do is sing. There is always music playing. Every time my husband cooks and he sees me walk by grabs me and starts dancing in the kitchen . That I love the most. Or when I want to record on the karaoke site, Savannah wants to record too. She just turned 6 in March and we have found she loves Miley Cyrus, Gwen,Christina perri,and well many others. She really learns the words.  I love how she enjoys expressing herself. Also she knows what is appropriate lyrics and clothes 🙂 which I’m glad. Gavin is a teenager and is more into rapping. So he is using his talents as a boxer and an artist. Even though there they each have different styles, they are loved and know they can express and love themselves in their own way. My husband has been to several concerts from metalica,slayer,ozzy,zz top, to transiberian orchestra. So we may listen at times to different music but it helps us grow more closer together and share our stories. Not to mention I love how he  expresses how he feels in each song he listens too. Or if he writes or draws. That’s what makes our family more interesting and fun. Full of different moods daily hahaha no tellin what’s playing in our house 🙂

So all the memories I had growing up music and writing has always been there. You all have been there. I’ve listened, watched,felt,and supported so much talent and continue. So it doesn’t matter if I’ve been to 0 or 1000s of concerts. I’ve always had my own life concert. Blessed to see. Blessed to hear . Blessed to feel. Talents is what makes you love yourself more. When others shine it makes you shine more and respect yourself. We are here to learn,grow,and experience life. Learn what works and try harder in mistakes. We learn and suffer consequences by our actions. But we can still Live and enjoy life’s music and life’s passions. That is each of us. So it’s up to us to choose to do so and help each other

All the memories bad or good I had to remember that I’m so loved. I’m so blessed. Im grateful in all challenges and circumstances.  So what if i dont do or experience what someone else experiences. What we learn and experience is for us to learn how to live life and to teach others our experiences so they grow. If you notice I always say others or for others. Because to me it’s how can I help others ❤

Lord blesses me with so many souls in this life since I was born.  Now I am blessed to meet,see,and hear so many more . The memories I made or are making is with everyone around me whether they know it or not.

One thing I’ve learned and have to remind myself , it doesn’t matter who you meet. Doesn’t matter where you go. You have choices. And there is a reason for everything. It may not be your time then,or now. But that shouldn’t keep you from dreaming. Never idol someone else’s dreams. Never settle for less. Keep your dreams,memories,and talents alive. If you don’t you would never LIVE and make amazing memories.

Make your memories. Never compare. Don’t be jealous. Be supportive and loving. Your time will come when you are ready. Until then don’t worry on the past. Don’t worry in future. Don’t worry. Enjoy the sunshine and know you’re loved. Amazing and talented. Go make Memories. Above all Love yourself . ~JACKIE


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