Happy Easter Everyone. I just want to take a moment to write how grateful I am to go to church with my husband and children. It brings such wonderful memories as I would do the same growing up. 

I am grateful for my savior Jesus Christ because he has always been there. Even though I have never seen him, I have always felt him and my Heavenly Father near me. I have witnessed numerous miracles and their hand in my life.

No matter the choices that I made they have always been there to lift me up. Some of my darkest moments which I thought that I could never make it. They proved to me I could and always will. Through my faith,determination, courage,and strength I have and will continue to grasp a hold of their love and light strongly and continue to hold to that iron rid.

I am deeply grateful for all the love and sacrifice that my Savior has done not only for me but for all of us. I want to be more loving,supportive, humble,caring and above all Christlike not only to my family but my friends and all those I meet.  I want to inspire and help and share love as my savior always and contiues to do for me. 

We all don’t  believe the same thing. We all do different things. But that doesn’t stop me from loving and caring and want to do for others. I don’t want anyone to feel left out. I don’t want you hurting. I don’t want bad things to happen. I don’t want you to give up. Please know you are so loved and even if you don’t believe in our savior as I do,just love and believe in yourself. Know your self worth. Don’t worry what others say and feel about you. We all have our trials . We all make mistakes. Just keep on going and do your best.

Too many times we worry about the world and not about the now. We don’t really recognize the impact of even the smallest decision can make our future. I hope we all can continue to uplift ,love and support.

I hope that my savior Jesus Christ knows how amazing he is. How much love and appreciation I have for him. How unselfish,amazing,humble and precious he is. Gosh! Not enough words can say how grateful I am for the atonement. That I and all of us can be forgiven.  When I feel like I am not good enough. When I don’t feel I have talents and do the best in being a daughter,friend,wife,and mother. The atonement reminds me how precious I am. It reminds me I AM SO LOVED. I’M SO BEAUTIFUL. I AM AMAZING,A DAUGHTER OF GOD. A BEAUTIFUL WIFE,SOUL AND MOTHER. I do have talents. I do inspire and I am so appreciated. Why? BECAUSE HE DIED FOR ME. FOR US. HE WAS RISEN AND GIVIN IS THE CHANCE FOR ETERNAL HAPPINESS TOO. THAT IS WHY. HE LOVES US. HE LOVES YOU AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS. May you know in your hearts too. 

Below is few songs I sang awhile back and thought it be great for this post .❤ til next time ~Jackie 




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