Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I sure did. It’s so nice to leave work and home life and go to Church. Wonderful speakers and beautiful songs to sing. 

We cooked a beautiful dinner and sadly I had my “episodes” and couldn’t keep any food down. Glad my Gi specialist appt. Is next week. We’ll see what all my tests have shown. The headaches are so horrible but I just keep going and smile.  I enjoy my moments with family and friends. I enjoy working and GRATEFUL that my Savior is by my side. He won’t let me give up. He knows my suffering. So why waste life away when you can enjoy it. I’m so enjoying it. Especially meeting more peeps all over the world. You guys are so amazing. Keep your dreams alive.❤

Well today is my first day of Spring semester. It’s the last semester of pathway program. I’ve looked at the assignments already and Holy Cow! Going to be Alot tougher and more home work too. But you know me, I love a challenge. I’ll surely do my best. So I will be doing my Religion class and it is focusing on Family. Then I am doing my English class. I’m finishing up my application process to get into BYU-IDAHO.  Where I can transfer all my credits and work on my Bachelors in Marriage and Family Studies. I can’t wait. 

So the first thing I thought while working today was What did I get myself into? Lol. And work is picking up ,and it will be summer time and kids out of school and hubby will be working longer hours and probably storm damage. So how am I going to do this ? Ahhhhhhhh.  So instead of freaking out too bad and thinking it’s too much especially still fighting my health issues,I reminded myself I’ve been through harder. I’ve made it this far. And I’ve always tried to keep going. So of course I prayed and I felt peace. I know that we have trials but I’ll get through it. Plus I have amazing support from family and friends and above all my Heavenly Father and Savior. And I have all of you.

So it will be a piece of cake Huh? We’ll see☺ thank goodness for blogging and singing. I know all will be well. Just take a one day at a time. If any of you doubt you can do anything or hang on now, just look at how far you’ve come. Trust me,it’s inspiring.  Life is challenging and it’s not there for you to give up. Life is there for you to work hard and succeed. You must learn and grow even in the toughest,hardest,and trying times. Achieving the best goals you can and never think less. You can do all things just have to have faith and try your hardest. When You stumble you learn and keep going.

I’m grateful for this opportunity and look forward to it. 🙂 My doctor sent an email last week and scheduled an appointment for Thursday morning. I’m doing an emg and nerve tests . With my clumniness,electrical shocks,fatigue, muscle weakness, pain,discomfort,pins,needles,glass cutting feeling,numbness ,and burning and heat intolerance and inflammation. It’s been getting worse. So we ruled out lupus and Lyme. We are Hoping to rule out ALS ALSO and other nerve diseases. 

I’m not a doctor but I do trust him. And since it’s been getting more progressive over years you must follow the advice. When you have symptoms you got to get rid of other things and narrow down. I hope it’s just neuropathy.  All these symptoms are going throughout the body. So we’ll see. Nothing new lol. It’s annoying though. The c reactive and other blood work shows alot of inflammation just don’t know what’s causing it . And my body cannot Stand the heat . So this gal has a fan 24/7 on .Lol

Some of my friends have asked if I’m nervous and well I got over that stage. I’ve had almost 10 surgeries in my life. Numerous falls. Numerous tests and I just keep on. I mean why worry? We must die sometime so you must live it up. And I am blessed to wake up the next day. Yes I have horrible symptoms. Yes I get tired of it. But you just can’t expect to be a easy fix. That’s why I love writing, singing ,and seeing the talents in others. Enjoying my husband and family.  I just keep going.Just don’t worry about it ☺

So you guys just keep moving. Never give up. Do your best. Rich for support and work on those talents. It really helps. We all just got to keep working. Keep living and just accept what is and embrace for the moments we have.

Well my thoughts for the day ~All the best to you. ~Jackie 


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