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Happy Thursday Peeps~ I hope you are doing well. May you know that each one of you matter. You are incredible and amazing. You are worth so much. Never forget that. I don’t care if you don’t believe it because I like many know it’s true. Just learn to believe for yourself. Just as you have talents and you must use your talents in life. Besides singing and writing I like to doodle 🙂 I love expressing myself in many ways. This is one of my doodles lol. I would just doodle and as I am coloring it, it made different things. So it is another stress release for me.  I sang 2 songs today too. I’ll post the links below.


As you know if you’ve been following, I work from home and go to school. Monday I started my spring semester. The last semester of Pathway. The classes that I take will transfer to BYU-Idaho. So hopefully I’ll be accepted and start in the fall. I really am getting excited to take the classes. I know that Marriage and Family Studies will be the best bachelor’s degree for me. Just got to keep going. English and Religion this semester seems a lot harder than before. A lot more reading and work for me. More hours I must put aside. You know that it’s hard to get the ‘me time’ when you work and are a mother and wife. You know what though? I love a challenge though. And I always wanted to be a mother and wife. Yet there are trials but I embrace those trials. Sometimes I feel I’m not good enough then I have that pity party. Then I seek for attention so someone can listen. When there isn’t anyone, and your hubby is at work, you feel even worse. That’s when I do my TALENTS. That’s when I pray and talk to my Heavenly Father. That’s when I read my scriptures. That’s when I talk to others that are needing an ear and listen. Or like yesterday working in the flower garden 🙂 Good sunshine! Good feeling. I try to find the good in anything and everything. When I get a hating kick or upsetting kick and it turns negative, I then go back and change my attitude. Sometimes I’ll delete the posts if I made them. Because my goal and doing my Young Women’s Personal Progress I am to be positive and keep doing good. Yes, it is hard and I do fail. I do repent a lot too. But I do change my attitude. I know you can’t be positive and happy 24/7 but I can Choose to be 🙂 And that is what I am trying to share with the world too.

Life will be what it will be. We must conquer thru the bad and learn from it. We can’t run away from anything. Learning how to cope is crucial in the world today. I feel that power of prayer is more important now than ever. I know some of you don’t believe that, and that’s just fine. I don’t judge. We all have our free agency. That’s why I believe we are all worth so much. I believe talents is what helps us grow, I express, learn, and teach each other and ourselves. I firmly believe we are given these things so we can stay on the constructive path and not destructive. I bear my testimony of that. I know that what I believe is to be true. And I know that the lord loves me and knows what I’m capable of. That’s why I will continue to hang on. Trust me, this week I just wanted to pack my things and go live in the mountains of Utah.  🙂 I did. I was like so tired of trials. So tired of certain situations that happened and I just wanted to get away and finish my schooling and make something of myself. I just snapped out of it though. I told my husband, I don’t care, we need a vacation and we will save whatever we can. We must get away. We must go to the beach hahaha. But for real , We desire it. It will happen 🙂 Just have to finish our struggles together 🙂 So I am grateful for our communication, love, and support. I’m grateful for my family and life even when it’s a pain in the butt. After all I do have so much to be grateful for 🙂

Today I went and had my EMG Done. I felt like I was in another world. lol. I went to a city I never been in . They had self check in too. I thought that was awesome. I checked myself in and then it said I had 3 tries for a Photo. So I decided to mess up my hair and turned sidewise and have my eyes kind of crossed hahaha. It was awesome 🙂 Such nice employees. The doctor and I just had a great time talking. I told him about my family members being doctors. I told him how I was a certified nurses assistant and how much I love helping others. We talked about school etc. During that whole time he was shocking me and poking everywhere with a needle. Oh that was so much fun let me tell you. (sarcasticly) The last thing I want to do is be shocktified and needled pricked lol.  It was definetly a weird thing and I have no idea why people choose this profession. I could’ve just stuck my finger in a socket and then I could tell if my muscles and nerves work out HAHAHHAa. I just smiled and talked through it all .

It was a nice day as well because my friend Kitty who is an older lady has helped me last few months. She has been providing rides and treating me to different places. Like today we went to Panera Bread! Holy cow! That was awesome. As I don’t really keep much of anything down most of the time, it was a nice treat. We’ll see how well my body handles it. If I get sick at least it was great tasting going down hahahha:) I just love Kitty to death. You know when they call it sloppy joes? and the toilet the john? well, I think they should’ve just called it the Sloppy Joe .. I know corny, oh well at least I think it’s funny hahaha :)She lost the love of her life not long ago and it’s been a joy to be in her life. We talk all the time and share experiences. She enjoys serving me and I the same to her. Kind of think of her as a grandmother since all my grandparents are gone. ❤ Angels are sent to us when we need each other. I don’t know what I would do without her. I don’t know what I would do without a lot of my Angel friends and family.

Just like if we desire things. I know we’re trying to buy our first home. And we want to go on a honeymoon because I’ve never been . We want to do family vacations at the beach, see my family, go camping,hiking, fishing,and disney world 🙂 All of those are dreams ( and bucket lists too) And I want an SUV, and My husband needs a truck for work. So, we work hard for it and save then you know what ? LIFE HAPPENS HAHAHA something happens and you are wiped out again. UGH! That would make anyone upset and loose motivation. Then you can probably guess what I will say next HUH? Yep, TALENTS,SERVICE, GRATEFULLNESS,AND PRAYERS. That all helps. TRUST ME. When we think of others and their needs, our wants and wishes get put aside. Because at that time, someone’s prayer is being answered. Trust me, I’ve witnessed this so many times. It’s an AH HA ! Moment. So beautifully amazing. GOD IS AWESOME! So I don’t want to deny others of their blessings and needs. That’s why we must teach others. That’s why we must help others. That’s why we must develop talents. It doens’t matter if you buy things. Help move things. Talk to others. Listen to others. Write or text. Call or show up. Or do secretive things from giftcards to gifts, to like Ellen does with money, vehicles, vacations, or other things. There are many others that do that too. Always know to do it with a humble and loving heart. Never do it for the likes and attention.

YES LIFE! You are incredible and the biggest pain in my rearend that I can’t get rid of. You are just like the dirt I vaccum up when the house is a mess. I love life. In all the good and bad because at the end of the day, I survived. And the next day I’m alive and blessed with so much. That is why I love writing and sharing my experiences because we all have them and we all need that lift, love, and support. I love finding others and seeing their talents grow. So I look forward to supporting your dreams and praying for you too. Please do like I’m doing and dream. Keep those dreams and wishes near and dear. trust me, when it’s your time it will happen. There is always a way. You just don’t know his will. Keep the faith. Keep that motivation .Know you are loved ~ Jackie


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