Growing up we would go on vacation to Utah and Reno Nevada. I so loved those times. When you have 12 other siblings it really makes a wonderful memory hahaha. Trust me ,we have plenty Saturdays for me to share.

Some of my parents family lived in Utah and Reno. So some of us would fly and some ride. This particular memory is when my dad and I and sister Maureen would ride in her blue Honda car. My dad drove us because Maureen would be starting school at BYU-Provo.  And she would use the car. Maureen put the song from CrissCross and we would Jam to it. I remember my dad having a white hat sideways on his head. So all 3 of us would Jam out to KrissCross will make you Jump jump . Hahahha.  Just bouncing around in this little car. Smiling and laughing.  My dad was so hilarious.  My dad is really stern about being prepared and working hard. But he sure knows to have fun. And he never worries. He always has a smile on his face. 

I wish there was a video tape so you could see it. Sooo fun. Well it was so fun that my dad didn’t pay much attention and we got a wonderful officer to pull us over. Apparently it was too much jumping that he got a speeding ticket. Lol. Guess my dad jumped on the gas pedal too much haha. 

The funny part was he said “Don’t tell mom “. Of course we laughed at it. So when we did end up at my Aunt June and Uncle Geralds house we unloaded our stuff. My grandma cittie and Mom asked how the trip was. I Of course told them the wonderful jump jump til we got speeding ticket. HAHHAHA sorry dad ❤ but it was too funny. I don’t know what happened after that but man I have much memories to share. Im sure my mom gave him a talking or laughed who knows hahaha.  It was priceless. 

See in all the good and bad you must enjoy. Because later when you are going through trouble times,these wonderful memories make you feel so much better. I’m blessed to have an amazing family who provided and continues to provide love and great memories. Keep going and keep smiling. Til next time ~Jackie 


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