Happy Beautiful Sunday Peeps! My heart is so full today. I have so many emotions right now. I am usually more chipper too. We all have those days where you are just exhausted. I could cry on forever. My tears could really water some dry plants lol.

1016763_10152211632545196_2110177049_n (2) You know what though? It is a mixture between good tears, bad tears, and painful tears. Life just does that to you. It is just fine for you to cry. If we didn’t need to cry then we wouldn’t have the words or the tear ducts. I’m not ashamed of crying. I’m not ashamed that I can’t smile every single day. We all fight battles and some no one even knows about. That is quite alright though. Because you see, in my life I have so many I can turn too. I didn’t think I could. Til I found that out today. Church was so beautiful and the talks were inspiring. I really appreciated the speakers because it is what I needed. I appreciated the friends that I could call upon and have them listen to my feelings and concerns without judgment.

There are times in your lives where you need to seek advice. Sometimes it’s good to seek that advice from someone you care about but doesn’t know your ‘drama’ that you’re dealing with. That way you can clearly speak without being judged. You will fill so much better. I have learned just as the song we sang ‘Where Can I Turn For Peace’ I can turn for peace in prayer. I can find it in service, talking, writing, singing, and studying the scriptures. Peace can be all around you. You must have the desire to be surrounded by it.I love to feel peace. Just as I love a nice cool sunny day. I know in my hardest of days that our Savior is there waiting and ready for us. He is there to listen and be there for us at any time of day and anywhere. You don’t have to rush with him. He will always be there to listen. He will be there to guide you. He will be there to walk with you. He will be there to comfort you and love you. Know these are the feelings and what I know is to be true. You must find that out on your own. I am not here to judge or make you believe what I know to be true. I am just sharing my heart.It really has been a hard week. I keep having that song etched in my mind and heart. I want the peace. Music touches my soul so deeply. Writing makes me feel oh so much better. Making others feel needed and wanted and loved makes life more pleasant. I hate knowing there are others out there that feel empty and unappreciative. There are those that have so much eagerness to do all they dream of but don’t have the support. I pray for those. My heart goes out to all those that suffer. I want others to be at peace. Whether you are struggling at work, home, school, or church. I want everyone to find their inner peace and truly feel how special you are. We are all Daughters and Sons of God. Whether you believe it or not, that is your choice. But I so believe it and feel it. I know it is to be true. That gives me so much peace because one day I know we all will be united with our Savior and Heavenly Parents. But more importantly with all those we love. If it is something that I so firmly believe and so desire, then I must be humble, wise and be at peace. First I must be at peace with myself. I must forgive myself. I must continue to love myself and work harder in preparing myself for what is to come. Always forgive others and keep going. I know that as I continue to grow my inner peace will too.

I am just grateful to be able to enjoy some time to process what I need to learn and how to better myself. I love going to church and listening to the talks and renewing my covenants. I am not perfect. I know that there are things that are troubling me. But I do know that if I seek the right help and keep believing and not worry but find joy, all will be well. I am grateful to keep going and have so much to be grateful for. For today has just been an emotional but grateful, beautiful, peaceful and blessed day. So I wouldn’t change any of my days from beginning to now. For all that I had and have learned is helping me for what I am and will be learning. Keep shining and be at peace with not only yourselves but those around you . I promise with a softened heart you will feel so much joy and happiness. Know you’re so loved. Keep going! May you smile from within and show on the outside. Because you are INCREDIBLE.Keep shining and smiling.

Til next time~Jackie


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