Hello, Everyone! So if you’ve been following, I had an emotional time last week. There’s a lot going on in my life. Well, that is with anyone really lol. But It’s a new week and it’s getting even more exciting. Today I now own my website domain .YAY! First time ever 🙂 Waited for many years to come to this moment. I’m moving on up in the world. Also, I updated everything and got my application filled out for BYU-Idaho. I talked with them today and they said I should know in a few weeks if I’m accepted. Oh, this will be a dream come true. To follow in my family and parents footsteps. I hope I will get accepted and I can work on that Bachelor’s starting this Fall. We shall see. 🙂 I think I got the hang of this last semester in Pathway finally. I am more well rested and more at peace. So I’ll let you know how English and Religion class on Families go.

Wednesday I go to the Gi Specialist to get the results of all my tests we have been doing. I am hoping that we can finally start working on a plan and put it past me. I’ve learned to accept whatever it is and move on. I love to stay busy. So hopefully we can keep going forward and fix me up. My doctor should be calling with results on my EMG and let me know our next step for that as well. Oh well! You must continue on the path. My husband and I are going to look at another home too. We really love this house and think it will be perfect for our family. Especially since it’s our first home to buy. I think dreaming and looking at houses together is just so awesome. Makes you learn more about each other too. We’re not going to get our hopes up. We left everything to the lord. So if it is meant to be it will happen. If not, then something even better will be around the corner. We shall see.

So despite the trials in life, you must see the beauty and the excitement. We definitely have some exciting things that are going to happen this year. With all the enduring it sure makes it worth it. Plus it worth it because I have a great love, family, and life.

Here is a song I sang today. Always know you’re loved. You’re amazing and just keep going! Til next time 🙂 -Jackie


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