Variety Thursday ~Life Trials❤

Hello All. I hope you’re doing well.  I appreciate all the wonderful messages from family,friends,and those that follow.

I am really loving this chance to blog. I try to blog on my work or school breaks. Sometimes when work is slow. When I can’t sleep. I make sure it doesn’t take away my time from helping others or my family. I treasure those moments. I’m pretty good multitasker. Yet I realized what is more important and that is my calling and my family . 

We all have trials. And if you follow me you will know I’ve had alot of health issues . This is my post I made on Facebook. 

Ok, for all those that do give a crap about my life lol and care about my journey. First of all ty and second i’m posting on here because I get asked a lot of questions so if anyone wants the answer here it is lol. My doctor called last night and the EMG tests were abnormal and they seen some findings, I have no clue what because they are concerned and want to do mri etc.. So waiting for that. But I did see my GI specialist today for results of all the tests. Here we go ….. Ready >> NOT CVS. NOT Gastroparesis. THE RESULTS ARE IN ANd he said : I am sorry I wish I had better news but I don’t know what is going on. It’s more frequent and too many things. The tests show you do this and then do this and it’s normal here not there and well , I am sorry I wish I had better news. You must stay on nausea meds everyday. Must take the elavil at night and other meds i’ll give you. You must take this drink stuff too. Maybe find one of those clinics that have more testing because I’m lost for words there so much going on and I’m sorry, I don’t know what to tell you.We’ll see how this goes and I’ll let your doctor know and go from there.! SO YEP 🙂 That’s about it
So basically there is alot going on in my body. And some tests are good and some aren’t. So the doctor and specialists are at a a stand still because they don’t have answers. If I take and do this something will mess up on another part of my body. If I stop this ,then it would mess up this. It is very frustrating.  I know we all are human. I know they aren’t perfect.  They show me respect and are helpful. We just have to figure out what is the next direction. There is so many things that it could be anything but we have to be thorough. 

I can’t dwell on it. I just keep working. I just keep going to college and being a mom and wife. Life is so full of amazing peeps,adventures and so many blessings. With my faith,prayers,support and love from others it really helps. Laughter really helps. I emailed my doc and say I need to check my brain lol. Maybe it’s messed up.

My doctor replied back and stated we didn’t need to check brain because that’s the best working part hahhah😂 he says we are all frustrated but I know with out a doubt I will be healed . It will happen but in his time. 

I love seeing how many of you shine. I love seeing how creative we all can be in this world. So helping others by supporting them is a blessing in my life. Never give up. You keep fighting. You keep going. You keep shining and working those talents. You will be amazing to all of us.

Hang in there ,especially in the trying times. Because it’s those times when you shine the most and are needed the most. For you bring more strength to others during your trials. You’re amazing and strong. You bring joy and strength.  Never lose sight of that.~ALL the best to you. ~Jackie 


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