Hi everyone. My heart is full of love,concern,and prayer. Lucas is fighting for his life everyday. Here is a link of his story. I wish I could do more but I know that I’m doing something and thats supporting,loving,and praying. As I love to write,I decided it was Lucas Spotlight ❤
Robert is Lucas dad. My family and I know Roberts family since I was little. We went to the same church. They reside in Knoxville Tennessee. I have been sharing his journey off and on. But more importantly I have been following Lucas journey everyday. He’s such an amazing,wonderful, sweet, and strong boy . That no matter what he faces he keeps smiling and living life. His mom,father,siblings,aunts,uncles etc are just amazing as well. I’m grateful to know them . They all need your help. They need your support,love,and comfort. Reach out to your senators,governors, and anyone you know. As stated in a previous post on the link ,Lucas isn’t doing well and there isn’t alot they can do. But the family is staying strong and I sure hope a miracle happens. But what was said is there are tons of children in need as well. There needs to be more funding. We all need to work together and help our children. Help this family and their dreams and desires.

I know I’m just one person. I know that I can’t do much but pray and show support. But I will stand with them and I will see Lucas shine further. For Lucas and his family we need to be on the same page and get the help,love,funding,support and whatever else needs to be done. It’s not alright for this to be happening. It’s just not right. We need more research. We need more support in child cancer research. 

Lucas hang on buddy. YOU ARE SO FREAKING AMAZING. I pray for you,your doctors,specialists,nurses,family,friends, and all those involved. Never give up. You are so amazing. Much prayers. ❤

Help our children. Let’s get more funding and more research.  For Lucas and all those in need. Especially generations to come . Please follow Lucas and please reach out to anyone you know that can help. Most of all please pray and for his family for they need strength too. Thank you so much ~Jackie ❤


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