Hello All. It’s Saturday. Yay! And I’m done working. Yay lol. Time for me to catch up my homework lol.My husband is a power lineman there’s been a lot of storms. So I’m grateful for him, and the other linemen then and now. And for all the servicemen,doctors,nurses,hospital staff,ems, police officers,troops. Well, shoot. EVERYONE. No matter what you do , you play an important part. Yep, ou do. Somehow you touch others lives . You may not see it but others do. Stay safe and stay happy. You’re appreciated and amazing. Before I tell you my engagement memory I wanted to post this link.

This is Lucas’s Page.

My family grew up with his father and siblings. I haven’t met Lucas and his siblings. I’ve met his mom years ago when was younger. ( 33 now) but I never forget a face or how they treated me. The whole Jones family is incredible.  Lucas just makes life even more incredible.  I have followed his story. I’ve done posts, shared posts and poems. Anything I can to just say Hey I’m thinking of you. My family and I pray for them and for all those involved. You can read more in the post. I just want to update that the news they found isn’t good. But if you see them in the pictures how amazing they are. Being with each other no matter what. That’s the most amazing part. The smiles, the tears, the laughter , the games etc. Makes me want to treasure life even more. And I can’t imagine what anyone goes through like this but WOW! If I could do anything it’s letting them know they are loved. Just so please if you could do anything check them Out. Pray. Help find resources to help child cancer research get funded.  And just be there. Be there for all those you can. Even if it’s just simple message “I’m here. ” You don’t have to know someone to care for them. We all are here to support one another. Never forget one another. Well that’s my thoughts anyway ❤

I’m always “preaching” with my writing or talking. But it is mainly a reminder to me when I go back and read what I wrote. Like I said it’s a blessing if you get help from my blog but it’s more of just learning and growing for me. To remind myself to enjoy life even in the darkest moments. Find joy in all things. And to remind me that God isn’t punishing or hating me or anyone. Life is to learn. If we new reasons why this or that happens We not be here. I’m serious.  What life would that be if I knew everything lol . Being more positive in all circumstances is what I try to do. Yes I’ve failed at alot. I’ve done alot spot a made bad choices. But I’ve overcome alot. I’m growing alot and so by golly I love the reminders I get daily. That’s to keep going. Smile. And find joy.  So here is the link ❤ may we all show kindness to each other no matter what. We need to uplift,comfort and love . Especially if you want others to do the same. You give a little . In return you get a little. One day at a time and one moment . All the best to you. ❤


My engagement memory. I got a call at 2 something in the morning. Basically my hunny Chris was driving for work. He had worked 3rs shift at time. He was a single father. Just awesome. He was in ohio and I was in Tennessee. (Asleep peeps) lol .I am not friendly if woken up or a morning person hahaha but I can get out of bed and do stuff no problem just not talk hahahah. For some reason I answered and was just half asleep and nice hahhaah.

Anyways he decides to tell me to record myself talking to him . He had called the house phone. So I’m like Okay? So here it’s almost 3am and he’s working and I’m half asleep watching myself on the phone and talking to him. He gives this big talk and sorry I cannot remember it. ( guess that’s why he wanted me to record hahaha) and he was so romantic. So ya I’ll put the video in here. Or part of it. Anyways it was so sweet and yes I cried. And he proposed. Yes ! He is old school he talked with my dad. That was awesome. Always wanted that.
Then he started sending me all these clues etc.Which Chris sent me on a scavenger hunt to find the ring. The kids helped in it. It was so fun. He’d put clues in a card and mail it to me. Or when I came to visit leave different notes in the van or house. He even  recorded some of it. Savannah helped find the ring and Gavin would give me hints and record  When Savannah put it on and said “IT doesn’t fit daddy”Lol. It was so precious.  She was 3years old . She’s the princess and that’s her daddy. He got on one knee and proposed to me. Oh it was one of the best moments and I was so lucky to experience. We were married June 2014. That’s when I left Tennessee. My husband says he got the best part of Tennessee. Been married 2 times before but didn’t do the “proposal” or the talking to my dad. Or the romantic stuff. I was young and dumb and wanted to be loved. But life happens. We all make choices. Third times a charm. Got him and the kids forever. That’s a different memory 😍


Anywho…it is true you can have your “fairy tale” and I found my Prince but Savannah calls me the queen or her and Gavin say the “evil stepmother” jokingly hahaha they do love me. Anyways he’s such an amazing man .We will experience the honeymoon on beach one day. And Disneyworld hahah. Seriously if you live your “fairytale” you got to go there. One day for sure. We will enjoy it. But until then I’m so blessed to be loved and to love. To have so much and that through all choices and life you just learn and grow and be thankful for all experiences.

So enjoy life even the worse and the good because it brings joy to see how far you’ve come. I love these memories and love making more. Til next time peeps ~All the best to you. ~❤


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