Happy Sunday Everyone. I’m blessed to go to church with my family. It’s a great feeling to sit with those you know you’ll be in their life after we die. I’m grateful for my learning and growing. Through all the health trials and other trials I’ve endured,I know I’m doing what I need to be doing. There is a lesson to be learned. It is so wonderful to see the joy life brings among the trials you face. One blessing is having an amazing husband and a beautiful 6 year old girl and a 17 year old boy. What examples we can be for our children.

One example is going to church despite ‘worldly’things going around you. Renewing covenants with your Savior from participating in sacrament. Enjoying lessons being taught by other members that take time out of their lives to serve not only our Lord but us. How grateful I am for all those that give us an opportunity to feast upon so many wonderful lessons.

Sundays is our family home evening because of work schedules. It’s a day we all cook together and then each of us takes turn teaching a lesson each week and then scriptures and prayers. We have our lesson at the table since church is in the afternoon. After family home evening we all are free to use the rest of our time to visit, watch an uplifting movie,or study our scriptures and ponder for the week. We also do family council meetings too.

As I was taught growing up and in the church families is the most important thing. Satan is finding many ways to destroy all families. We must stay closer. In our house we don’t allow electronics at table. There is no filfthy shows or music allowed. All chores must be done before anything else. We all work together. Like many families there are times where it’s unhappy and that wedge is between each of us. So yes! The adversary is happy. We try to talk about it and pray and do scriptures. My husband and his family growing up had this thing where if you are at the table you are allowed to talk and say anything that is bothering you or something that you need or want to do. Whatever you need you are freely allowed to say it at the table. In return his parents would council together and come to agreements or positive disagreements. 

We started this tradition too during meal times. Everyone has a voice. We all have desires,things we dislike or things that upset us. It’s crucial to have open communication and not just by text or phone. I believe strongly that as my husband and I take what we have learned growing up and what we do now will help our children and their families to come.

I know we can’t force anyone to like or want church. Chris and I don’t force our children. We explain that there are rules and guidelines that must be followed. If you don’t there are good and bad consequences.  Just like in our own lives. Chris is gone doing storm work but I still did family home evening. I shared a talk about hardened hearts. It’s so important that our hearts have peace,understanding and are soft. We need to have love and comfort. I know people and other things can break our heart where we don’t want to trust. I’ve been there. It brings miserable times. You lose out on precious moments too. We all need to learn to love and accept each other. Share our differences. Be kind and supportive no matter our beliefs and understanding.  If our hearts are hardened we can’t fully understand our purpose in life. We aren’t able to endure our trials as best as we can.

I know there are so many trials and really painful ones. But giving up and being prideful and stubborn will lead to unhappiness and failures. It will make us miss opportunities to grow. We’ll miss moments with family and friends. Relationships will fail. It will make us ignore the spirit. Our financial,emotional,physical and spiritual will be messed with. Learn to love. Learn to work out situations. Learn to softened hearts. I’m not saying we must be perfect. But I’m grateful that I can learn as I teach my family. In doing that, I’m teaching myself and reminding me to let go. To accept what is going on. I’m learning to soften my heart to those around me that are causing pain. I know if I continue to do so, then my Heavenly Father will help show me the way. He will be ready to comfort me even more because of my willingness to be like him and teach my children and help my husband to form better relationships. 

I love life and this spiritual journey as well as my physical journey. May we continue to seek joy in all circumstances.  All the best to you. ~Jackie 




    1. Thanks. It’s just from the heart and helps me keep going in life. If others like my page and helps them then that’s a bonus. I’m not really for the traffic as I am wanting all to be happy,well and safe


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