Happy Tuesday Peeps. I hope that life is continuing to be a joy for you. I know we all have dreams and desires. And we want so much. Yet in all that desiring we must also endure life’s challenges too. It’s not easy. We must continue to go forward and work toward our goals. Never giving up. Just gaining more strength each day. Of course the best way is for each of us to help, love,and support. Use your talents whatever they may be for good. They will help you so much . It’s a blessing to have these gifts.

I had wrote this poem for one of my cousins few years ago that was fighting ovarian cancer. She’s AMAZING.  It really helped me following her journey. So this is a poem I wrote for her. And as the years went by it’s been a great poem for many to pass along. So if it helps you then that makes me happy. I want you to know your strength.~All the best to you. ~Jackie 


A bright beautiful woman full of strength
Conquering all that is at stake.
Full of energy,smiles,and grace.
A woman who shows us this world is a beautiful place.

Strong,determined and never gives up
Brings all of us joy and love.
She knows what she is facing and doesn’t say a word
Except shows she can beat it facing the world.

She’s beautiful inside and out,full of talents that show about,
A lovely mother,wife,family member,and friend.
Doesn’t complain and doesn’t think its the end.
Full of faith,love,and devotion,she really puts things in motion.

Doing all she can and enjoying life to the fullest.
Helping others pull through their toughest moments.
Just because this illness makes her sick
Doesn’t mean she gives up and quits.

Even though this may seem scary.
She moves on with courage and her head held high.
Because I know this, and i love her and the lord is by her side!

                                    (C) Jackie H ~2014



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