Happy Wednesday Everyone.  I am so happy. Like soooo very happy. You see many of my family members and my friends along with my parents went to BYU  for college. Growing up I wanted to do the same. I wanted to experience the fun they had. As there’s much family history with BYU and my family. I didn’t think I would be good enough due to all the bullying and loss of confidence through the years.

Well that all changed. The good Lord paved a way for me. I did a Facebook live video.  Hahaha. It was so funny. I was a dork lol .I thought I was going to pass out. I almost cried. I just was so darn proud of myself. I didn’t care. I DID IT. The Lord never ever gave up on me. I may be a mom and wife at 33 but I’m going to BYU IDAHO ONLINE. Never to old to do anything. I’m so proud of myself. You just don’t understand how much I wanted this.

So never give up on your dreams. You keep going and keep dreaming. All will work out. Trust me. It does. So now I can transfer my credits once I’m done with pathway and be able to start Fall 2017 at BYU IDAHO ONLINE.  Where I can work on my Bachelors in Marriage and Family studies.  I so want to help others. I’m grateful for all those that have helped me all this time. Grateful for an amazing husband and family. My church support is amazing. Most of all my Heavenly Father and Jesus. For my siblings and parents. For my extended family and all of you. Thanks so much. Sounds like I’m at the Emmys hahaha.

So I wanted to mentioned this before posting some songs. Keep shining all. I love seeing your posts. Love seeing your growth. Love SUPPORTING your talents and you. Never give up hope. ~All the best to you. ~Jackie ❀

To Celebrate I got my first ever fishing gear ❀ wahooo!!


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