Yawnnn ! Hello All. Just finished working. I caught up some school work. And daddy’s taking care of the house and I’m going to rest. It’s been a very busy,long,hard,and frustrated week. My sugars and body been out of whack this week. My sugars more low and no appetite. But alot going on so I didn’t get much sleep. Yet I’m still grateful and moving along. You know those days when the rain doesn’t help any . 

So as much as I love my life ,I just want to say you’ll have days. And that’s just fine. So really today is my I’m too tired to blog. Hahaha . I think all this excitement of more school is getting me. Oh ya! Lol

Just be grateful for all you have. I’m grateful for a wonderful and supportive husband and family ,along with friends and those I meet.  It makes life more pleasant. I’m grateful to finally have a Saturday off so we can go fishing too. I can’t wait.  Love spending time with my family. Even if it’s just dinner and church. I value it. Keep going. Listen to your body when it needs rest. Be grateful for all you have. ~All the best to you. Til next time ~Jackie 


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