Happy Friday Everyone.  If it’s not happy to you then I hope it will get better. I’m just happy to follow as many people I can. I believe we all need all the support we can get for whatever reason we need it for.

Life is a blessing even in our darkest hours. As I continue to write and work on myself and help my family and others it really gives me so much joy. So please never give up. Know you are so incredible and the world is waiting for you to show them that. Just believe. You truly are amazing.

Speaking of amazing . I have been following this beautiful young lady. As I haven’t read her book yet, I’ve been following her on social media. I’m learning more about Al Carraway. She’s inspiring so many out there. Truly a ray of sunshine every Time I catch her posts. Whether it is just a simple picture or writing you can feel her energy. Al is really talented in many ways such as building up others and their self worth. No matter what she looks like. No matter the “labels”  given her, she like myself, finds the joy in everything.

I encourage you to find out more on how she helps those in this world. See how amazing her family is. Her testimony and growth. I love supporting those who love to uplift. Below is her website where you can find more about her. I hope she’ll find time to read my blog. But for the most part she deserves this spotlight.
Thank you Al for being that beautiful angel. Thanks for bearing your testimony. For being a light to others. Thanks for being an example to all of us. May you and your family continue to be blessed. Continue to be lifted up in your own trials. You’re amazing and a wonderful sister in Zion. I wish you all the best. 

As to all of you that follow, I wish you all the best. May you see the love that our creator has given you. May you see your talents and your strength.  Continue to grow and share with all of us your life. Know you are AMAZING. YOU ARE PRICELESS. NEVER GIVE UP. ~All the best to you. ~Jackie 


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