Happy Saturday Everyone! Oh, what a beautiful and wonderful day it’s been.  I was grateful to have the day off. A coworker switched shifts and I was able to spend the day with my family. We planned on going fishing but sadly our son had to work and he didn’t get home til after midnight last night from work. I didn’t get to bed til after that as I had one of my ‘sick’ episodes. So sadly I’m on that kick again. It comes and goes and you never know when. It sure was awful. Yet, I’m still smiling and grateful.

We decided once everyone got situated to go get our son his fishing license and a chair to sit in. We have Savannah and our chairs and licenses already. And what other gear we needed. After shopping around in Walmart we went to have lunch. I have never been to Buffalo Wild Wings. So we decided to go there. The waitress was really nice. I am not sure what I think of the place, besides I couldn’t think hahaha let alone talk to my family. It reminded me of Hooters. More of a good place to go with buddies. Either way, it was fun. We got a sampler so I could try different things. Luckily I took a nausea pill before. I didn’t really eat but I did try a couple of their wings. My husband Chris got wings for his lunch and he loves hot stuff. I just like mild stuff. Well, I went to try his wing and HOLY COW! I don’t know what sauce it is but never again will I eat that. I’m already a hot woman but DANG I WAS ON FIRE LOL > I was about to sing this girl is on fireeeeeee.. ty Alisha 😉 lol.Gavin sure was red and almost in tears because he is like his daddy and his papaw on Chris’s side. They love the spicy hot stuff. But apparently, it was hot for him too. I won’t let Savannah get that close hahaha She can stay away from hotness hahaha. We looked at Chris and wonder what is wrong with him? I think he lost his taste buds. He stated it wasn’t hot.

After that, we went to Best Buy and then Gamestop and dropped Gavin off at work. It’s been a beautiful and much needed day with the family. Always make time for your family. It means so much to you. And when you miss them it means much more. Just as the picture I had posted.

The picture I posted was in Yosemite. My family has been going there since my dad was little. His dad (my Grandpa Clark) found this place and it’s been a joy to go there. They named some lakes too. My grandparents are so wonderful. I sure miss them all. And my sweet dear cousin Nancy. She was such an angel. When I would visit Reno Nevada, I had some amazing moments talking with her. ❤ I am so grateful that families can be together forever after this life. I want everyone to experience this feeling I have on that. The best feeling EVER! Hiking has been our family tradition. I remember going there and feeling so much peace and happiness. We would play cards. Go swimming in a cold lake that Grandpa Clark named after my Grandma Clark. Her name was Grace. I really need to get back into the history of it. I remember how hard it was too. You must be in good shape. Yet, when you do make it to the destinations, oh how beautiful it is. I enjoyed all my family members that went. From siblings to cousins, and aunts/uncles, etc. It’s just a blessing to have such an amazing family. Especially carrying on the traditions. I’ve only been a couple times but It has a dear place in my heart. Hopefully one day I can take my husband and children there.

What great examples my grandparents, parents, and rest of the family are to me. Oh, how I love them all so very much. Each member of my family and that is extended too, has taught me and continues to be an amazing example in my life. I treasure these precious moments, especially in hard times. In times where I miss them so much. Times that I get jealous of not doing reunions or vacations and camping with them. It stinks living in Ohio and none of your family is here. But thank goodness for memories and social media. I’m grateful for the times when I can share the memories like now. Whatever it is families make your heart feel so special! Grateful that my Dad can share his memories and be such an amazing example to us. He so loves the mountains. I’m grateful that we can have a special time. So thankful for my dad to share this special family tradition. My parents have always set an amazing example that Families are Forever. They are most happy when all their family is together and with them. I’ll always keep these special moments in my life. Truly blessed.

While at lost gold mine, I remember getting the Tang made to drink. Making smores around the campfire. Not sleeping because the ones that were snoring sounded like a bear lol. And it would keep me up. Or sometimes when you were scared and you would just hold it because you don’t want to go to the bathroom and have some animal starring at you.I Just waited til the morning. Watching the sunrise or sunset with your family members. So beautiful. Calling out everyone’s name you can and hear it echo back. Reading the scriptures and learning new songs. Hearing stories from your Dad and other members. Oh, I could go on and on. Not a care in the world. Just the most beautiful, heavenly place on earth. So special for our family. It brings so much closeness and love to our family. Not only the ones living now but I feel the presence of my grandparents and ancestors. Just Heavenly! What an amazing creator we have! Beautiful life and earth. That’s why I try to keep the joy in my life. To have so many memories like this.

Let me tell you this little story. You know teenagers, they know everything lol. Well, I was that young teenager.I decided to go my own way instead of following my dad and family. My dad warned me not to go off the trail that he was leading. I just rolled my eyes and knew what I was doing. Of course! LOL.Well, I ended up running down the mountain. My family was at the bottom near a cliff resting on some rocks. Behind them was a cliff. Some of them decided to hold their hands together (Like red rover) to keep me from going off the cliff.  They stopped me from going over the cliff. I was just screaming and yelling all the way down the mountain hahaha.

Yes, little miss knows it all decided to go off the path. She didn’t pay attention to the warnings and ended up stepping in a yellow jacket nest. So then she decided to run down the snowy mountain too. If it wasn’t for my family stopping me, who knows what would happen. I love using this story because one, it hurt like crazy and I was so stupid. LOL. Plus if one of my kids decided to say they know what they are doing, it is a great story to tell. LOL. I got stung all over. It reminds me and helps me to explain to my children about choices. You have your agency but if you don’t heed the warnings, there are consequences in everything you do. Some can take the rest of your life to fix. Others you may not get another chance. I try to make the best decisions and guide my family to do the best. But I know that I can’t make them choose. Just as my dad didn’t make me. He warned me and yes, he cared for me. He is glad it wasn’t worse. But I didn’t listen so I had to learn the lesson. As in life. We have trials. We have decisions to make daily. Whether the most important ones or just simple ones. Everything we do has either a good or a bad. We must choose wisely. We must fail too. We have to learn. But you don’t have to repeat

As in life. We have trials. We have decisions to make daily. Whether the most important ones or just simple ones. Everything we do has either a good or a bad. We must choose wisely. We must fail too. We have to learn. But you don’t have to repeat your bad decisions. You must have the desire to change and want to do better. I’ve learned my lesson too. I don’t want to keep pride, selfishness, or go my own way without heeding to wise counsel. So no matter the decisions you make or have made, just forgive others and yourself and keep that bond close. We need each other. Never be afraid. We all have to accept each other for who we are. Just because we make decisions our friends, strangers, and family doesn’t approve of, doesn’t make us the one to judge each other. We need to forgive and grow close and not apart. Work on your relationships with whoever you have struggled with and don’t let the moment before they die or something happens to get close or forgive. You miss out on so much. Family is everything. Life is short! Embrace and learn and grow. Don’t hate, ignore, till and forget. There are so many consequences of that and your heart will be hurting so much.

So always ask for help even when you think ‘you know it all’. It may change your life. You will never know till you actually do it. Here’s a few songs I sang today. Before working on my homework, I was just thinking of this today. How I miss my family and the gatherings. I don’t get to be with them often due to finances but I know one day we’ll be able to spend more time together. I know Gavin, Savannah and My husband Chris will get to know them more and hear more wonderful memories. Just treasure each other. Make memories. Give advice and let your children know you love them. They have a life to live too. There is always time to give them counsel, especially when they are facing some horrible trials. Our family has some trials right now. We all do. The best thing we do is counsel together. Go to church together. Have family home evening together. Pray and read scriptures together. But other than that, we can’t make our children choose our path. We just can do what we can and they have to set their own path. Be examples to others. Keep supporting and loving one another. Build your talents and shine on.

Til next time 🙂 Keep shining! All the best~Jackie





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