Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you are continuing to be blessed in your life. As I am enjoying this beautiful day of rest, I’m thinking about desires. We all have desires in our life. Some desires happen quicker than others. Our desires and passions are what makes us so unique and beautiful. Our Creator has many desires for us too. We must learn of our talents and ask for all that we desire. Just remember we aren’t going to be given anything from him. We have to do our part and work hard for it. As we do our part he will take care of the rest. It’s up to you to believe that. I can’t make you see that. I know for me that it’s true.

Seriously what fun would it be to have everything given to us? It would take out the joy and the learning of experiencing things. You must experience the falls. You must experience joy too. There will be times you don’t think you are good at something. Or there will be times you want to give up because you’re not like everyone else that is succeeding. For some examples it could be in dance,art,singing,playing instruments,teaching,nursing,doctors,police,firefighter,boxing,and other things.  You may look around and see how others are ‘popular’ and shining more. Also, their dreams and passions answered before yours. When you see that, you start doubting and losing interest. Some may even give up. DON’T WORRY ON THAT AND DON’T GIVE UP.

I used to be like that. Then I wised up. I had to wake up and realize no one is ‘famous’ . No one is better than anyone else. No one is more loved than someone else. That’s what is wrong with this world. Heavenly Father, to me, created this world to learn and grow and that is even suffering through trials. We are being perfected. We’re not here to make judgment or be better than someone else. My favorite thing is sitting back and watching others shine. I stay quiet and observe. I want all of us and that is everyone in the world and those to come to get what we all desire. That can happen. You must believe in it. Get rid of the doubt. You must work hard for it. Have the desire and faith in God that he will make it happen but only in HIS TIME. There are reasons why certain people are in the ‘spotlight’ if you must call it that. They may have trials they need to overcome. There might be a lesson for them or others to learn. We don’t know. I don’t know. I’m not going to spend time on guessing. I’ve learned things are what they are. Things happen because it happens. I’m not going to waste my time and energy on wondering why? and if? when I can keep supporting others and see their desires come true. That is what makes me happy is doing for others. Seeing others needs be answered. Isn’t that why we are here?

We have dreams and passions. U either like each others or don’t. we all need support. We don’t have that, given we have nothing. Please support ~Jackie

The above quote I made was for an artist I am following. This is SO TRUE FOR ALL OF US. We all need love and support. It doesn’t matter if we agree or disagree. You can’t get your dreams and desires to happen if none of us are there to support you. It just doesn’t happen that way.So just find the joy even in the worse of times. Take time to get to know others and their passions and desires. Show support and not always focus on your needs and wants. It’s much better and wonderful feeling. Well for me anyways. That’s why I love to do it. I know that my Heavenly Father has given me talents to learn and grow and I must keep working on them. I also know he will never give up on me. We all have certain desires that we love and are good at because that is how we were created. We have this world to touch with our hearts. So instead of worrying and being jealous. We need to support and understand.

I promise that as we continue to do what is right .As we continue to treat others with respect and support each other. Our desires will be answered and lives will be blessed. Never worry what you don’t have. Always worry what others need and make that happen. Keep shining and smiling. Keep working on your dreams. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. I love meeting new people and showing my support. NEVER GIVE UP. ALL THE BEST. Til Next time ~ Jackie 🙂 15102011_1814612862111341_820479075_o (2)


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