Hello everyone ! I hope your doing good today. I hope that you continue to reach your goals and your dreams and that you get the love and support that you need . You need to always know that you truly are remarkable. YES YOU ARE! Never doubt yourself! Never doubt that you won’t get this or pursue this because you’re just not good enough.

This is what I want to talk today about. Depression! We all have some kind of depression. Some has Depression more than others. It’s a trial that we have to go through in our life. It can bring worry and anxiety and doubts. Sadly depression can bring suicide attempts or even death. We shouldn’t make fun of anybody that has depression or any other issues. We all have issues. We’re all important! Never doubt yourself in the hardest times and the hardest of cries and you’re down on your knees and you just want to give up! When medicine,alcohol, drugs,or whatever doesn’t seem to be helping, just know you are worth so much. Yes you are priceless ! Learn to believe that. I don’t have to know you to believe that or love you. You are not worthless! No matter what you have done! No matter what you have said! No matter what you are!  You are Priceless! One of a kind! There’s no replacing you.

You just gain courage and you must gain strength.  I have been dealing with depression most my life. Since I could remember. I’m going on 34 and they’ll be days where I’m about to hit rock bottom . I have a great life. Wouldn’t  trade it. But sadly there are days where I feel so horrible and start the darkest moments of doubt,fear,crying and losing confidence.

I just don’t know what to do and then I gain my strength! I asked God take this if you don’t take this then give me strength to get through it.  Nobody knows the pain and the suffering I’ve been through. The endless different depression medicines through the years. The hours of counseling. Yet your feelings you are going through he who made us and the Lord that died for us. They know. Whether you believe it or not They know. And so I rise up. Rise up to all the challenges that life throws at me.

I just want everyone to keep going and don’t you quit. Don’t give up. Reach out to anyone that can hold you. Pray for you. Love you and support you. If you don’t pray start praying. Just know you’re not alone. Don’t go off to destruction paths. Don’t go down the road to drugs and alcohol.  Never try to take your life. Know ,oh I have tears in my eyes,know YOU ARE AMAZING AND I’M JUST NOT SAYING THIS. YOU ARE OTHER WISE YOU WOULDN’T BE HERE.

Whether you want to believe it or not I believe it and I know because I am still standing here today through all the hell that I’ve been through and I will not give up and I will not bow down to the adversary or anyone else that has bullied me,abused me,or hurt me. I will continue to rise because I’m special. I’m beautiful and I have a purpose.

So if you are reading this and have your battles you find your purpose. You stand up tall. You share your talents and be who you are because by golly GOD MADE YOU AND THAT SHOULD TELL YOU ,YOU’RE FREAKING INCREDIBLE.  Have a great week. I’m so passionate about this lol . Done preaching. All the best to you. ~Jackie


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