Hi Everyone~ I hope you know that you are SO WONDERFUL. I am enjoying finding new peeps to follow. I appreciate all of you that follow me. It’s such a blessing to see all the talents around the world. You just keep going! Never stop! It’s just a joy to come across you and be able to support you! I look forward to supporting all I can. Truly know how inspiring and wonderful you are. You’re here for a reason.

Tomorrow I go for  MRI on my Neck. We’ll see what that brings. Other than my health is a pain in my neck LOL.. .I know corny , but who cares 🙂 I keep living it up. I’m still being a great mother and wife. Still working full time and going to school. I have my dreams too, but for now, enjoy seeing those dreams from others come true. SO NEVER STOP DREAMING 🙂

Here is a couple poems of mine. A Friend and Storms. Til next time 🙂 ~JACKIE


By (c) Jackie H

A friend is important

A friend is kind

When in need,

A friend is by your side.

Friends stay by you.

They don’t lead you astray.

They love and care

Friends help you on your way

Friends bring you up

They don’t put you down.

Give you strength

And feel your pain.

The friends you have will be good support.

And help you day by day

Friends are important and will last

As long as you do your best.

Keep strong and help your friends along

Keep holding on and don’t give up

To have a friend you must be one yourself

To be around without a doubt.

Being honest and devoted is what truly a friend is all about.



BY: Jackie H (c)

Listening to the rain fall, and watching the storms past by

It puts you in perspective; it teaches you in your life.

For raindrops can mean different things,

Such as tears from god, or love ones up above.

To me raindrops are put in three categories.

A light drizzle is when you’re on your way

A continuous drop is when you’re trying hard

A down poor is when you finally succeed in your goal.

When clouds build up and move around.

It’s like challenges in life that circle around you.

In my case its family, school, and desires.

To achieve and to fight the challenges I’m getting stronger.

Clouds will start disappearing day by day.

Soon it will be a clear sunny day.

The thunder represents release of anger.

Which the louder it gets, the better I feel.

I am facing my fear.

I’ve accomplished a lot and not afraid.

To tell those who put me down to stay away.

Lightning that flashes before my eyes

Bring a glow that I cannot deny

It’s radiant, colorful, and strong

It moves quickly like choices in my life.

The faster and bigger strikes represent

The courage and strong will in my life

Supportive friends are near me,

And help me through my life

With each day you never know

When you’ll pass a heavy storm

I do know this, in a blink of an eye

It could change your life.

So take each day, listen to the storm

Find out your goals and be around17760196_10155004668750196_4474927290378470596_n those that bring you up.

Hold on the ones that you love

Because you, your life is in the eye of the storm

Don’t give up, you never know

When it is your time to go…


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