Hey everyone.  Life is just awesome huh? No matter what you deal with,there’s so much learning and growing. With it being Mother’s Day coming up I’m skipping my posts for the weekend. 

I feel that besides my work and schooling, this momma will enjoy what time she has left with her family. I never want to replace my family with something else.

I believe All women need to enjoy themselves this weekend. Whether you are,will be ,or was a mother know you are incredibly special. Even if you haven’t yet or unfortunately lost child or children, know that to me You Are amazing and special. I may not feel what others feel but I feel and have a huge heart that grows with love and compassion.  I don’t exclude anyone,or I try not too.

I’m grateful for my mother and all my mother figures then and now in my life. I’m grateful to be a momma as well. 

Besides the hardest things in life I just want to leave you with this for the weekend .

You are incredible just the way you are. Your pain is not there to damage or be there to hold you back. It’s there to bring hope,inspiration and strength to those that are watching you. Always know your strength and talents are to be shown and not hidden. All the best to you. Til next time ~❤❤❤❤ Jackie 


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