Happy Monday All. I hope you have had a wonderful weekend.  I sure did. I’m always thinking of all the women ,especially my mother that have touched my life. I don’t have to appreciate them just that day.

My heart is especially full of love and prayers to all those that have miscarried or not able to be mothers . I want you all to know that I think of you often,especially those that are truly close to me. I can’t imagine. But I do know that your love for children always grow. Those that mother other children are just as wonderful.  I believe so much you will have a chance to have children if not in this life ,the life to come. I know easier said then done but I just wanted to say YOU’RE INCREDIBLE and alwAys in my thoughts and prayers.


I took the picture and I’m still smiling . Getting ready to work.Because I have to wear this beautiful necklace and get a bigger and nicer one after surgery ,I’m so excited!  Can you tell? I mean that’s what I always wanted was a neurosurgeon hahahah. And I’ll decorate it heehee. 

 Yes I’m laughing and smiling because I am grateful. But if I stay upset and rude I’ll just cause more issues . So yes  I’m nervous some. I’ve had 8 surgeries before and no biggy.  But this is little nerve racking which is why my nerves too are out of whack and bones hahaha.

My doctor called me Friday night around 8pm and gave me results of the tests I’ve done. You know I’ve done mri,emg,ct etc and having all these issues. Well he stated that this is the root of alot of issues. That I don’t have diabetes neuropathy. Which is a blessing. I have few things going on which some I’ll explain in a minute. And the other stuff I can’t understand hahahha

So I had a wonderful mothers day. My family cooked,cleaned,let me rest after work. They bought me some fruit and sugar. We all went to church together. I have a wonderful family. Felt so loved and supported not just by them but my family and friends. Treasure your family All the time. We are all family in my eyes. I don’t meet strangers. I welcome them as family. ❤ we are all important. 

So got the collar the doctor wanted me to get. Got the medicines. Prayed and consulted others about the neurosurgeon. Gave my doctor the information. Waiting on what’s next. Apparently I have Severe formainal and cervical spine stenosis with spine compression and something about my nerves,stem etc. Theres no room and getting worse.Which there’s other things going on. I don’t understand doctor talk but I do know it’s causing issues in my legs,arms,hands,back and if I don’t get this fix I can lose mobility and even mess with motor and bladder and bowel issues. Which you don’t want to go into myeopathy.  My doctor is concerned and I know that we’ll figure what to do. When and I’ll enjoy vacation that I wanted haha haha.

So yes !it’s okay to be scared. Especially someone you don’t know working on very important parts. I hope they make me smarter. I get scared but I also turn to my faith and family and friends. And also others in their talents because that uplifts me. I’m excited to feel better. I will be healed and I will be just fine. I have to be. I have a family that needs me. You need me to bore you and support you hahaha. And by golly I have a bucket list and byu Idaho online starting fall.  Not to mention buy our first house. So I didn’t endure all this pain and other trials through my life to not be someone . So its ME TIME. JACKIES TIME. I’m not going to do it. I am doing it. Life goes on and you just melt down and do whatever and get on that motorcycle and go. (Sadly I can’t lol doc orders )
Enjoy life. Keep smiling. Lean on each other. Support each other and never stop believing . Just release your emotions in a positive way ,just sayin . Keep going. All the best to you..  keep you informed.~Jackie




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