STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS FOR SURE! We all get busy in our own life and we don’t stop and just smell. We don’t stop and look around to see how much support is there. 

Family,friends,doctors,nurses,police, firefighters,ems,soldiers,parents,children, etc… You get the picture 🙂 In my own life, I have not only emotional, and spiritual support. I have physical. More of the physical like a neck brace. Ya, that didn’t last long but about a day and a half. I really admire those that have to wear something a lot stronger.And daily. It’s literally a pain in my neck.Lol. I feel for you. I can’t imagine . I don’t want to imagine. So tomorrow I’ll try again. Baby steps right? Follow orders.  I’m trying. Just as I’m enjoying my life til I get the call for the Neurosurgeon to start doing his happy dance on my head and wherever hahaha. You got to keep going. I love my life. Even when things are tough. It’s life. It’s learning and growing. So each day I’m grateful for that. Life is beautiful. Again! Stop and smell the flowers. Look around and count your blessings. Even the smaller ones like me, having a neck collar to help and medical help. Its true I always find humor and smiles in all things. It doesn’t mean that I’m really strong. I just don’t turn to anything else besides that and talents. Trying to be constructive and not destructive. It has helped me all my life and I’ll continue to do so. Maybe what I’m writing and experiencing might help you too. I have real emotions like we all do. I’ve just learned through my 2 bad marriages, health trials and life, I’ve wasted a lot of time being hateful, unforgiving, stubbornness and lazy etc..So I think I grew up lol Finally 🙂 I still have my moments but that’s life you learn. WE AREN’T PERFECT. If we were we wouldn’t be here. This surgery,finances,etc I am nervous about while I’m down but again! Stop and smell the flowers and see the good in a tough situation.  All is well . Keep smiling and living.

Isn’t it funny how things happen and right when you get all that you dreamed of? I mean I have a job from home. A husband who is so loving. I have children that are just so great and a huge 12 sibling family with awesome parents. Not to mention their families etc.. I have awesome friends and awesome church. I have god and have  Jesus and yes heavenly mother whoever she is,. I just know she’s just like me 🙂 I mean I’m just like her. I bet I got the heart from her and stubbornness etc from God 🙂 So me being stubborn I’m used to doing everything myself. So now waiting to finish my pathway program, and working and being a mom and a wife and a calling in the church , and writing , singing, and waiting to go to school in the fall, I now am going under the knife? I mean I guess I wasn’t busy enough? right? Nah! I think that’s why it’s after you hear the awesome news. What’s life without making you work hard for something? hahaha, I’ve had numerous tests and about 8 surgeries from 2004-2012. I was always doing something.

I didn’t have anyone there holding my hand. There wasn’t a great support team then. Times changed.I have forgiven and moved on.Now that this is coming up. I have an amazing support team and others actually messaging and caring for me and willing to help. So I have to turn down my pride. I have to let them be blessed and I  get over it .I need to let others help me. Just as you need to do the same. I’m not telling you what to do just writing you hahaha 🙂 You get the picture? Yes, that is a hard thing to swallow but without support you have nothing. You can’t get very far.Everything we do in life someone and something had to be there to support us. Whether it’s our talents,jobs,families etc. You can’t develop without support. So I’m learning to just relax and let others step in. Always be grateful but don’t over do it. Don’t get mad either. Be grateful. I know that if it wasn’t support in my own life I wouldn’t be here today. I learned to be happy with what support I got. Not the support that I wanted. There’s a difference between a need and a want. A desire and greed. At  times you got to do things yourself. That’s just fine. Self independence is good. But there are times you need a helping hand. Always good to be there for others whether they helped you or not. That’s why I love helping others and support their dreams. It helps ❤

So I am going to do the best I can and take the help anyway I know how.

I love helping others. So why not let others help me. When I am done with surgery, I am the type that can’t lay in bed. I want to be the one to help the patients and whoever I can. Or do the dishes , laundry, take care of the kids etc.. Just me 🙂 That’s why. I’ll actually take a vacation though lol and let others serve me, besides the fanning part and feeding grapes lol. So I hope you realize what I’m getting at? Support is everywhere and you just have to suck it up and do it. You just suck it up and let it happen. Just as I’ll suck it up and get use to this neck collar necklace . Then after surgery I won’t be dumb and do something stupid 🙂

Keep going! Keep smiling and remember who you are! You’re incredible. No matter the trial you face, you must keep going. No matter how hard it is or you feel alone.. You never are. You reach out . Support is everywhere. Never be ashamed. You’re amazing. Let those talents shine and you keep inspiring. Do it because you want too. Because you are happy doing it. 🙂  You never know who you are helping. Those horrible times are the times that you are helping others in building strength. YOU MATTER ~All the best til next time 🙂 JACKIE ❤

True friend

Stay on this road, and lend a hand.

Be strong forever and love me, my friend.

Guide me right, I’ll guide you 

To a better place I want to spend with you.

I believe we’ll make it through anything

All we have to do is just believe.

Til the next call, hug or visit from you

I’m not giving up because that’s what friends do.

~Jackie H (c) 2017



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