HAPPY HUMP DAY~ I really hope those that see this or really everyone is being blessed. I wish nothing but happiness, love,comfort, and success to my family and friends. And really everyone. My heart grows each day. No matter what I read, see, or hear, I just grow more love to ALL!. No matter where they are from or what they do. If you’re following my blog you would know I’ll be having surgery soon. Just waiting for the Neurosurgeon to get back to me and my doctor. That should be anytime. So in the meantime, I’m singing all I can and enjoy my life. Not that I haven’t already been doing that. I am doing it more. You never really know what happens in life. You don’t need a major surgery to tell you that. So I am always forgiving and not going to bed in a bad mood. I always want to leave my day with positivity. That is why I am doing this especially for my Personal Progress necklace in my church. I write my inspiring positive thoughts on my facebook and do this blog to use Social Media in a positive way. To also explain even in hardest of times we can be of example and never to old to do anything.BE YOURSELF!

I know you may have heard same things over and over. Sometimes you may have done certain things and no progress. That doesn’t mean to give up. You just keep going. We all have certain ways of dealing with things. Never be like someone else. It’s good that you want to learn certain things or have help coping with certain things. That’s all good and gravy. But BE YOURSELF. I sing and write so I can understand myself and know and understand others around me. I love to do art as well to express how I feel or work through my trials. No matter what I do I do it for me. I find comfort in expression for me. I don’t want to be a ‘famous’ singer and etc. Nobody is famous in my eyes. We all progress at different times. I believe we all have a time to ‘shine’. So why wait and waste energy trying to be the ‘next big thing’ when we can be the biggest, museum brightest star right now. BEING OURSELVES.

I don’t care how I sing or if I hit the note. I don’t care if I write perfectly or not. I don’t care how I dress or look. I don’t care if my drawings are perfect museum. I have dreams and desires too. Using the talents that the lord has given me is enough for me. I’m using them daily to embrace my desires and share my talents with others. My words, my singing of songs of others or my own is to help me each day. Or I use my talents to help others in their day. No matter the emotion, mess-up trial or day I try to use talents for good. It’s a learning thing. I am always BEING MYSELF. How boring would it be if we all was the same? we’re all unique. We all have different talents. We all have our own life and desires. So BE YOURSELF. Just sing away. Dance away.Draw away.Whatever that talent and desire are. BE YOURSELF. Don’t worry if you mess up. As long as you are enjoying it. As long as it helps you. That is truly what matters.

I honestly love supporting others in their dreams and desires .Whether it’s family or friends or really anyone. We need support and love. I love being honest and taking the time to get to know the person. I love seeing all the talent out there and love following all I can. To me, life isn’t about how well you do in your own life and getting all that you desire. To me, it’s helping others in your life to get all that they need. In return, I’m getting the most wonderful blessing and that is making others feel good and help them any way I can. That I can take through my life of the memory and how well I helped someone. Yes, you can still make time for you of course! But this is just my desire. How I feel and what my heart wants. SO as I do, I just sing away as if no one is listening. I write away as if no one is reading. I am just doing what I can and the best way I know how each day as if no one is around. Stay smiling. Stay dreaming. Keep going. You’re amazing.!

All the best~Jackie ~Lightning Crashes Thousand Years ~ Valentine ~ Say Something ~ Dance with my father


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