Helloooooooo Everyone. Smiles and hugs. I hope you have a wonderful day. I’m enjoying my day with work,school and family. So between that mess I try to do what I can to respond and blog. 

I’m grateful for many of you that follow and your messages and prayers. I’m getting more confident and not so much nervous now. I feel more at peace. This surgery will help me out so much. I’m grateful for all the support. Especially from my family and friends. Love you ❤

I just want to say I’ve been following some incredible and talented people and I want to post their links here. Check them out. We all need support and I’ll enjoy meeting more peeps and follow, especially when I have down time. Just know I truly value all as amazing souls. How blessed we are to have so many talents in everyway possible we can imagine to help us in our journeys.

Always know that you can shine brighter than any star in the galaxy. That each of us is unique in our own way. We inspire in our own ways. Never compare yourself or talents to anyone. Enjoying your desires and passions how you want too. You are the one that is inspiring and learning. Be unique. Be believing and never stop.  Keep learning and growing and Shine always. Talents are there to help us in thru the  hardest trials. They are also there to be blessings to others in any occasion or circumstances. YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH.  Stay strong. All the best to you. ~Jackie ❤

Jennifer Mlott ~ Beautiful ,sweet soul. She’s an amazing artist that I love to follow. Check her out ❤ All the best Jennifer

Lauren Duski ~ Some of you may know her. Lauren has caught my heart since I first heard of her. She is a unique,beautiful, passionate,and amazing artist. I wish I new her in life than just watching on the voice. Here’s her website. Love how she inspires. Best wishes Lauren❤

Enation~Jonathan Jackson

If you watch the show Nashville you would see Johnathan. This is him and his band. They really capture wonderful emotions in their music. I look forward to getting to know them more. It would be so awesome to go to a concert of theirs too. All the best Jonathan in all you do and all those that are with you. Can’t wait to see you shine on.


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