Hey, everyone!  I hope you’re all safe, happy and well. May you continue to find courage, strength, love and support every day. Always know that it can get really rough. Just know you’re incredible and there is so much support out there. Never give up.  Trust me. I’ve had my horrible times where I just was ready to give up over the years. There were times I felt so horrible and pain. I felt all alone. Yet, what kept me going was my faith, everyone’s strength, and memories. Yes ! Memories.  My family is incredible.  Every one of them from the beginning. It started of 1986 for me.229163_6572755030_8886_n



2 Beautiful souls decided to make myself, twin sister and 2 brothers part of their family. They had 9 children already. My twin Charity and I were almost 3 when they adopted us easter of 1986. My brothers Tommy and Charlie were 4 and 5.❤ SO here is what I do best. MAKE YOU CRY HAHAHAHA. In a good way. ALL FROM THE HEART ❤

I decided that my 34th birthday is coming up on June 7th. I really wanted for my Twin sister Charity and I to take a week and go visit family together in Hawaii. If that didn’t happen then for me to take a week and go to Utah and visit all of my family I could and then fly out for a weekend for my Families Reunion in July in Lake Tahoe (another memory for a later time) well if that didn’t happen then I wanted to go to Tennessee for my birthday and our wedding anniversary at the end of June to celebrate the 4th of July with my parents and some family. And it is the first time my family has been to it.

Well,if that didn’t happen then I don’t know. LOL. Can you tell I’ve really needed some beach and family time? I have had many of these wishes and desires a long time. That is why you have a bucket list lol. But hearing about my recent health issues I don’t think that and the finances will allow, as we don’t know how long surgery is and recovery. Plus we are trying to buy our first home. Yet, that is taking time which I don’t mind. I got to be healthy again. I have to show my family about the awesome hikes.So I thought why don’t I spend 34 days For my 34th birthday to come creating this post. Get all the pictures I can. Then write a post and poem and put it together and share. That way no matter where I’m at and what I’m doing I can have all the things and have all my family together.  So can you! Pretty good huh? I can share it with the world and if someone else is homesick, lonely,, or missing those that have passed on it can bring memories alive to them. All I ever wanted was to be loved and love everyone else. I’m so loved so I’m sharing the love with you. See why I love talents and life so much? ❤ You just got to keep going.


It doesn’t matter if you go on trips. Doesn’t matter if you get your wishes. What really matters is your family and how you spend your life helping others and loving them. Well to me anyway. I try! Whether it’s a poem, quote, song, laugh, dance etc..I think I’m getting wiser eh? LOL. So I’ve worked on this between school, work, health issues, and etc to get this right and I finally did. I hope you enjoy this. There are few songs through the blog and picture slides. ENJOY ❤ P.s. To my family that is EVERYONE ..I don’t have a lot of pics so I had to find what I could but I mean when I say you belong in this too! ❤

I have always been the one with creativity, art, photos, music and just a huge heart. So this is my birthday wish and wishes to come. To always enjoy the moment and family wherever that may be. That goes for myself, my family, my friends, and all those that is touched by this blog. In the loneliest of times. In the hardest of times. The saddest, happy, angry, gut-wrenching and whatever else emotion of times.,,  No one can take your memory away from you. Your feelings are always there. It’s up to you on how you handle things.

Even if this blog was the start of helping for my personal progress, it has turned into something more beautiful. To me that is. That we all belong to this amazing circle of life and love. It’s up to you to feel it, believe it, and honor it. For me, I’m honoring it for my family, my parents, and siblings and their families and so on. May we all remember we’re God’s children and he wants us to hold on to each other in all times of need and never forget anyone. THAT Is my wish! ❤

WIND BENEATH MY WINGS ~ THAT’S ALL MY FAMILY.  Song I sang. Click to listen ❤

The pictures and memories you’ll see are what I’ve gathered and felt like speaking of. It takes me years to tell all. Good thing it’s a blog LOL. I can keep the journey going


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I’ve been missing my family so much. When you have 2 amazing parents and 12 other siblings and their families and your aunts, uncles, and cousins etc. It can be amazingly huge. And I love it. I treasure the Yosemite trips.The stays at my Aunt’s and Uncles and fun times with cousins. Treasure the moments of the weddings and cousins coming in. Oh, joyous times!From Hawaii to California to Utah to New Hampshire, to Tennessee to  Ohio and Michigan etc.. We are all over. Which helps because when  I finally can get a vacation. A honeymoon and family vacations I’ll just pick and go. That’s my dream and desire before anything else. TO BE WITH FAMILY. To see my siblings I haven’t seen in awhile. Last time all 13 of us was together was when we all surprised my mom for her 70th bday in 2014. That was the greatest gift ever. All her children home. And my dad and mom and really all of us just enjoyed it. Went by too fast.!



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My parents will celebrate their 50th anniversary in January 2018. I am so grateful because without their love and sacrifices they wouldn’t have had 9 kids and then unselfishly adopt 2 twin girls (Me and my twin sister) and our 2 brothers and make us a part of their family.  Wasn’t I just the cutest sibling HAHAHA. (I’m the one on the right in one of the pretty red dress. I could say I’m the favorite,, but that be because it’s my post hahahah

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I’m forever grateful for their constant love, support, advice, prayers, and testimony of the gospel. I am grateful for the gospel because we can have forever families. For we are eternal family because of their choice. And the choice of grandparents and before that. TY ! My mom and dad January 2018 will be 50 years. They still don’t age! JUST BEAUTIFUL SOULS. Taught me to love. To enjoy music. To study hard. To have compassion. To LOVE EVERYONE AND FORGIVE. You couldn’t meet a stranger with them. Being grateful.Work hard. Always Serve. The family is everything. Never give up. Never be angry. Find Joy always. Enjoy life. The family is everything. I say that again because to them being with each of us and extended family is more important than anything else. TY MOM AND DAD ❤

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THAT MOMENT ~Song I wrote after my grandma died and those I lost. Comforting words and poems to remember them<3

I know that we all love to be with those we love whether it’s camping.hiking, fourth of July, weddings, birthdays, just because. There are family vacations to get-togethers and reunions. No matter the celebration, most the most important thing I believe in and know to best thing is being with family. Because my own family taught me that and I’m so grateful for an amazing husband who helps me teach our children that. Loving each other no matter our differences. Seeing each other progress. Seeing each other’s talents grow. Watching each other’s families grow. Being with our extended families. Being together on the reunions and just soaking in all the time we can no matter the holiday. Calls, texts, and video chats just because or special occasions. Showing up or showing support in hardest of times. Cheering each other no matter what is going on. Being there for every moment you can in times of sadness, health scares, deaths, graduations, birthdays, births etc.. ALWAYS LOVING AND CARING ~

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Helping each other no matter the cost and how often. Seeing each other as often as you can. Spending time with your own family as often as you can no matter if it’s eating meals together. Shopping together. You can be just acting goofy. The family is the center of everything and the evilness is trying and succeeding sadly too many all around us.


From playing games to meals together it’s just a joyous time. I can’t explain the emotions of being together. It’s just GLORIOUS to me. Makes me smile. Makes me sad. Makes me happy. When I look back on all the memories. Our family is strong together and love each other. Why can’t we all just live together in one big island Hahahhaha.

Being there in your time of need. Or just a simple visit, call, surprise visit, vacation and other wonderful memories. Families are tied together and strengthened forever. You are there to teach each other whether it’s music, tricks, surfing, art or doing things you love like hiking, singing, dancing, camping, or just visiting with each other. No matter the occasion from holidays to just want to visit. You are there to hug and to laugh. To cry and to fill up on sugar. To make pj’s together. Have sleep overs together. Play tricks on each other. Just being together. I cherish all the memories I’ve had with each of my family members. I wish that I could be closer to them all. I wish we had more chat time. Well, maybe not a lot. All of us and our family video chatting makes me dizzy hahaha. It’s fun because we don’t know who’s talking or what they are saying and we don’t care. We’re just together. That’s all that matters.

No matter whether you’re a grandparent, parent, sibling, cousin, etc. You all matter to me. Whether I’m there or heard of the memory. The family is family and each of my family is so important. Just as I sang the song above. ‘You are the wind beneath my wing”. I treasure these memories whether they are from a picture or a story. Whether it happened to me or one of them. All I know is my family is forever and I want each and everyone close together always and keep sharing the memories along the line in my own family and their families too come. Every moment and every occasion , the list goes on. Such beautiful souls and I could go on forever ❤

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 I believe strongly we all will be together forever. That is all those that past on. You may not have the same beliefs and that’s fine. But in my own life I center this around my life. No matter what I’ve done. No matter what others have done in my family, we forgive. Some take longer than others. That’s okay. But one thing my parents have taught us is to love everyone. Whether you are family or not. I remember at this house below was our first house of all 13 of us kids. In the living room, there was a frame that said our family is forever. I joked because it would always hang crooked haha haha.

My mom’s favorite song. And a song that as a family would sing various times ❤


All the visits. All the talents. All the memories are just so beautiful. I can share all that I can with my own family. Making memories is the best. Keeping my family close to my heart and prayers is what I do daily. My love grows so much. I have everything that I needed and all that I desired. My Heavenly Father made it possible. And it’s up to me and my husband to keep our family bond and traditions alive. No matter who we become. No matter what we believe. No matter what we do. There will always be love with a family bond. It’s your choice . It takes work. Takes sacrifice. Takes courage. Takes unselfishness. Takes LOVE. below is my family and I’m so grateful to show them my extended family .❤

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Dedicated to All My Family . Then , Now ,and to come for eternity. ❤ Jackie
❤Family ❤

You’re like the sunset that brings me peace

Also like the happiness of children’s giggle

Whatever I do you’ll always love me

Believing  in me during life’s struggles.

Wherever we are no matter what

Our love stays forever without giving up.

I know this to be true always and forever

Will always be close and stay together.

May you continue to be blessed each day

Especially our parents I always pray

Not enough words can explain how I feel

Just know these memories make life real.

I love you more and miss you everyday

Just want these memories and bond to stay

May you continue life even in life’s tests

Always know family is truly what’s best.

Keep smiling and enjoy each day

For the greatest gift I could ever get

Having you always, I’ll never forget.

(C)  Jackie H 2017



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