Happy Sunday.  Hope you’re doing well.  May you have a wonderful week. 

I’m glad to be able to go to church. It helps me reflect on my life. Also helps me prepare for the week ahead. I enjoy the lessons that are taught. I learned more of importance of marrige,family,and the gospel. 

My beliefs and my faith is what helps me in my own life. I’m not perfect and I’ve made decisions in my past that have put a damper on things. Yet the important thing I did was move on and forgave,been forgiven,and made change. I leaned on my faith and understanding. Which leads you to know all is well. 

I cherish what I learn . Not only that, but comprehend what is being taught so I can use it in my own life. What I know is that faith must be nurtured each day of our lives. I must continually take notice and grow my faith more each day. 

Not only having faith in myself,family,husband,friends,work, church,school,and doctors. I must grow my faith into trusting my Lord and Heavenly Father. Because they know what’s best.

Faith is something you can’t see. It’s there but you must believe in it. You must develop strength and truth that even though you can’t see it but you know it’s there.  I can’t see my Savior or Heavenly Father. But I know they are there because I feel their presence. I see their hand in my life. I feel in my life they are guiding me. If I fall off the path they are guiding me,I must build my faith in them that they will help me be picked up and back on track.

Whatever is faced in life, faith assures us that miracles are all around us. We can conquer anything as long as we have faith and believe in ourselves. Faith is for us to lean on when physical,mental,spiritual,or financial burdens are in our way. Having faith doesn’t get rid of these issues. Faith is there to help us through our trials.

I’m grateful I can have something to grab a hold of and strengthen in the good and bad times. For it makes life more comfortable,enjoyable,and easier.

May you find your strengths.  May you find what you believe in and keep going . All the best ~Jackie 


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