Happy Monday!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I hope you had good day, today. For me I had a wonderful weekend. Today it was busy and little frustrating. Mainly just at work. Felt like so many issues were happening and no one knew what was going on Lol. But I made it through. 

I heard back from the Neurosurgeon’ s office. I’ll meet with him next week. He wants me to do more x-rays on my cervical spine before I come in. Make sure nothing has gotten worse. I’ll know what’s happening next week .  

I wanted to talk about Choices. No matter what is happening in life you always have a choice. Even if things happen and wasn’t of your making. You have a choice. You can choose to give up. Choose to do half of a job. You can choose how you react. Who to help. What to eat.How to act. Everything has to do with choices. So for my choices I can chose to be hateful.  I can choose to stay negative. I can choose not to wear my brace and go on rollar coasters,ride motorcycles and basically anything the doctor told me not to do.How I act. What I say. What I do. Not only has an impact on my life but others around me. 

Choices can effect yourself,work,school, family,friends,strangers and whatever else. Choices made from your past has an affect  now or future. Sometimes others learn after making same choice a few times to get the picture.

When someone sees that I am trying to be postitve in my own life and keep going ,that’s because I choose. I choose to do so even on my bad days. Even in my good days. I keep moving forward. What good is it to not do anything ? I’d go crazy lol. I do have moments and I do make bad choices . That just reminds me I’m still alive and learning. 

You’ve heard it a lot that every choice there is a consequence whether good or bad. Up to you which one you pick. Same for its up to you whether to face life’s challenges or sit back and let the world move on without you doing anything. Strengthening ourselves and learning and growing is an important choice for our everyday life. Just as it’s your choice to read this and your choice to learn anything from it.

May we all continue to make choices that will help us learn and grow. May we choose to help one another and stay strong. I promise the outcome will be even more incredible.  All the best to you. ~Jackie ❀


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