Hello Hello ~ It’s already mid of the week. It’s also almost June. Holy Cow. Guess I’ve been having too much fun huh? Ya, Wednesday’s are my days off from work and Sundays. You know I go to church on Sunday’s. Usually, on Wednesdays, I would try to go to the temple. Or catch up on school work. Catch up cleaning house, paying bills, sleep, and pretty much whatever I want.

Well, that doesn’t happen. Because last few months as you know, I’ve been going to the doctors. Or the wonderful tests that I’ve just blogged about that’s so much fun. I thought I was going to rest today because my night was just so horrible with pain from head to toe. Ya, that didn’t happen. I already had the house cleaned and laundry was done. But thankfully I didn’t get any more doctor bills in the mail today. I just got an order form and paperwork to fill out. YAY! That took like forever. Especially when my right hand is the one I write with. I really enjoyed dropping things off and on today. Not to mention the lovely pain and numbness throughout my body etc. At least I know I’m alive and well 🙂 But what I really loved was the order form to go back to the hospital and have them move my wonderful neck and arms all over the place. YEP! That was something new and exciting for me. Just love those kinds of Xrays. Of course, my dear friend Kitty took me when it was short notice. What a blessing to have her. We enjoy our adventures.

So I am ready for my Neurosurgeon appt next Thursday. I have all the fun paperwork ready and X-rays were taken. Then the fun excitement will be on the 1st to see how many more days off will be taken to get me better. I could just say screw it all. But then I would have nothing fun to write about. Then you wouldn’t be able to tell me how awesome I am LOL. Just kidding..well not about the awesome part 😉

You just got to keep going in life no matter how big or small the fireworks are. You can’t control certain things so you just have to make do with what you can. We all can rest when we are dead. In the meantime, there is a life to be lived so by golly

SINGGGGGGGGG ! ~ Well that’s what I do anyways LOL. Here are a few songs I’ve sung awhile ago. Enjoy! Never give up! Keep on going and enjoy those FIREWORKS 🙂 That’s what makes you who you are today. Never give up on your talents.. YOU ARE SO LOVED AND SO AMAZING. ALL THE BEST ~  Jackie ❤

That Moment~ Song I wrote and sang and dear friend John did the music ❤ When I can get someone to do more music for me, I have plenty more songs waiting.




Listen to your heart~






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