Hello Hello ! Almost the weekend.  That means more work for me . Hahahah . Our son finished last day of Junior year. Which means Senior time coming August. Ah!!! Our daughter is done with kindergarten and will be in 1st grade come August. 

Yikes ! Time is flying. Hubby still working on his apprenticeship. He loves being a powerlineman.  So blessed to have him and his children in my life. Which is now mine too. I do have a wonderful life. And come September I will be officially going to BYU-Idaho online to get my Bachelors in Marriage and family studies.  So so excited. But yes we must get me well first so hurry up next week lol. Anxious to hear from the Neurosurgeon.  All is well though. I keep going.

Here is a poem I wrote awhile ago. Wanted to share as today is Variety Thursday. May you continue to be blessed.  Keep inspiring.  If you are having a hard time or alone or whatever the case may be. Know you’re amazing and truly loved. My heart goes out to you. I truly want all the best. Build on your talents. Lean on each other and your passions. Til next time. All the best ~Jackie ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Family is forever no matter where you are at.
It is in your heart you never forget.
From generation to generation moving on 
Holding on to your memories even when they are gone.
Keep the love in your hearts,keep the memories going.
For all the ones that work so hard for you ,means more then words can say
Put your past in a draw and move on . Carrying and holding the treasures you got.
One day at a time,love the one’s in your heart.
Keep going ,stay strong and keep loving.
Family means more than anything .
Teaches you,hard work,and unconditional love.
With the ones who taught you that is long gone. carry on the teachings day by day.
Bring your family closer, live in peace and learn to forgive and stay close for the ones that have passed on.because im sure that is what they have always loved most,and wanted all along.

                          ~~~~ (c) Jackie H 2017


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