Hello All. I wanted to just say I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. May we always remember daily and not just in certain days of how blessed we are to be here. God bless all of us. Thank you to all then,now,and will be of serving our country. Also all those who’ve come and gone. You’re always with me. I personally am grateful.

Stay safe. Be happy. Help one another. I’m going to be working this weekend and enjoying my family. So I wanted to just say I appreciate all of you that serve. I appreciate all of you that continue to support me. I will continue to support all I can. It’s a blessing to see so much talent. Keep going.  You’re pretty amazing.- All the best to you. ~Jackie ❤

Spotlight is Honor of our Veterans poem I wrote years ago. ❤

Veterans are those who have fought in wars.

Veterans are those that retired or left in honor.

We cherish are veterans for who they are and not what they have been.

Because no matter what, they are in our hearts to the end.

From fighting many battles without a complaint.

Veterans were on the line in fire and a saint.

They tend to lend a hand in any way they can.

And follow their orders on every demand.

Without any help from the start.

They always knew to keep up the faith and not to pout.

Veterans then and still today bring their courage and show their ways.

With many struggles when in doubt they are the true soldiers that helped out.

From depression, to death, wounds, and sacrifices, they knew what to do.

Veterans always stood by for what was true.

Remembering that freedom, family, and friends were the key.

Knowing that someday that would return faithfully.

Remember not only the veterans now

Hold on to the ones that have gone.

Because they truly sacrificed alot and they kept going strong.

With that in mind that shows, veterans were the ones to protect and give us a piece of mind.

Pray for them; keep them in your hearts

Because without them we would not be where we are today.

With veterans by our side and those that passed along

We love and care for them and know together we will be with them one day.

                                     ❤(c) Jackie H 2017



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