Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo~ I have been so busy, emotional, priorities emotional physically and etc .setting everything up for my surgery soon and then hubby took me away for a night with our daughter. Sadly our son had to work.

I needed to ORGANIZE. Not just my house. Not just my health. Not just my work and school. But my priorities and life priorities emotional, and physical. Make sure I’m  all organized and priorities straight.

When you read this post it may jump all over the place but it really has a meaning. That life experiences whether small or large, we all dream and desire. We all want experiences and no one wants the hard times. But it’s during those hard times that you find the BESTEST JOY IN THE WORLD. Well to me it is. Oh man! I could go on how I feel and want the whole universe to know. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS AND LOOK AROUND. You must bless each other. I don’t care if you have a 1000 dollars and don’t need anything else, I could think of plenty ways to make that 1000 dollars go. Or if you have tons of stuff in your house or a lot of cans and etc.. I can think of many ways you can use that. Or when you’re always checking Facebook or talking to the same friends or family or seeing the same friends and family. I can think of many ways you can experience life far more greater. Check someone else out. Notice someone’s else’s page or social media. Oh, this is so fun! USE SNAIL MAIL AND SURPRISE SOMEONE. Hello ! GOSH, how much tools we have. Or freaking go make something and ding dong ditch lol. OR tape all kinds of signs on somebodies yard or etc.. Works well if someone is bugging you too.

No, I’m not a goody good person. I’ve had plenty of mistakes and I’ve admitted too. But This blog and my life aren’t about living in the misery and being jealous and staying mad. It’s a life in progress for me personally and as I get older! I LOVE MYSELF MORE AND UNDERSTAND! Life is not what you did or didn’t do. It’s not where you can go. It’s not counting tabs when you celebrate. When you see people or whatever. I’m guilty of that as you will read. IT:S GETTING THE WAKE UP CALL YOU NEED. No matter how many times and saying You’re already freaking awesome. DEAL WITH IT! ACCEPT IT AND COUNT THOSE BLESSINGS> Keep going with a smile. So That’s what I’m telling you too! LOL

I’ve just been having fun from catching up with a neurosurgeon lol, school *yes on that.* ha hahaha work, house, work lol etc.. And no time really to update anything. Which I really could care less. That’s what happens when you do have a little ‘me time’ even if it’s talking while making supper hahaha. I’m treasuring the moments even of seeing Savannah wanting to bake a “cake” for my birthday tomorrow and dumped 2 things of crumbs and almost chocolate chips in the bowl haha. What a cutie. So now there is plenty lol  I came down to sign off and Gavin went to shower for work. She said ‘Well my brother’s leaving at a good time.’ lol, or for us and daddy hahaha.

What a cutie and love her to pieces. You’re not kidding Kids are sneaky lol. But I’m an angel because I never got into sweets growing up..Right, mom and dad? hahaha None of us 13 kids ever did wrong or sneaky lol we’re always angels hahaha 🙂 That’s what I so love about my parents. They are the center of our family just as Christ is. And I see in each of my siblings and their spirits and in their homes. The traits and genes from our parents and generations. That’s why it’s so important for genealogy too. It’s just so beautiful. Who wouldn’t miss that? That’s why when we all die. WE ALL BETTER BEHAVE BECAUSE I WANT  ALL FOREVER AND EVER ..Then we can have all the sleep overs. Have a lot of boating,surfing,fishing,camping,songs,making pj pants,talking for hours around the table or wherever we are at. Or getting dizzy with all of us talking whether on phone calls or video chat. Always speaking over everyone especially on holidays hahha. See I love the drama and caos of family. I love it because we’re together. So I can handle so many things at once and my family is always centered in that.


As I said before though that evil adversary loves breaking it up so never ever let him do that or your life. You get knocked down you read this lol or get someone or do something you love to get right back up 🙂 Trust me as you can see it’s not all peachy . But you do bounce back.

This is what makes my heart so happy and makes everything better is doing what I’m doing.Yes! even if  I didn’t give birth to my kids and they are ‘step’ . They are still mine in my heart and I’m blessed to watch them grow, learn, love them and go through emotions. It’s very hard sometimes. Very happy and really tugs at your heart. I never want any child to go parentless and have no family. And I never want adults to never go childless or not have spouses and families. That is why my schooling for marriage and family stuides I will do awesome once I get my Bachelor’s.I strongly feel that not only through my talents of what society says in ‘arts,etc.. but my talents of love, my heart, compassion, experiences and other qualities I have developed from my parents that have and from my siblings and extended family and friends will help so many and that’s what makes me happy. Not only knowing my friends and family are well and happy and safe. But those all around. You see we are all family and we all belong with each other. That’s why no matter what serve others and you don’t have to ‘have kids’ or be in love to show others you care.

Just like in our church we have callings and I enjoyed my working in nursery for 2 years. Because many know how deep,personal and wonderful that is. I enjoy going to church with my family. I enjoy seeing my inlaws and all the wonderful peeps I consider great family. We are all family and it’s just a great place to be . Savannah is getting more excited to go. She also loves when I sing to her. Even last night it was Silent Night. let me tell you the sweetest, most precious thing you can give your children or even those you love is TIME! Time no matter how you want to spend with them. Yes! i wish I had a bunch of money so I can have alone, couple and family time to go visit all my family. To experience all the reunions and beach time I see them doing or Disney land . One day we will have family vacations. I’ll have my getaways to beach. We’ll have more time. But for now even if it’s just spending a meal together talking I’ll take it.

It really takes a special heart and talent for you to love others no matter whether they have missing body parts ,disablities in physical or mental. Or from different country. Not to mention I loved growing up and watching ER with my brother Michael ( who is along with my brother Tony and Allen are Doctors of the family) They have their certain talents just as my sisters and other brothers have talents in singing, him .surfing, mothers, fathers, and well I have a huge family and I will go on forever. LOL. Either way that compassion that you see despite how hard trials may be sticks with you. So you all have them. You all have incredible spirits so you must feast on those times to help you succeed and grow and help others.

I’m asking all those that read this to really find yourself. Find your priorites and organize. You never need to ‘plan trips’ or spend money to be together. You never need to even have a program either. You just make time and do whatever you want to do in that moment. Even if it’s sneaking an pouring crumbs to make a surprise cake lol . Or if it’s taking off and using your points and saying screw it i’m going to spend 6o bucks in gas and just use time to be together and Get away. But really Just being with children and my family and serving others and being there makes me the happiest woman alive. And knowing that all those around me are getting what they need, desired and are safe. That includes family and friends too. And when someone or something disrupts that, I get very very sad and depressed and if i don’t stay busy I’m very serious it hurts a lot. Sometimes things are out of your control and that it can happen quite often too. I know it can be so hard and you get sick of it. But it’s not that you are doing bad or not worth having a break. It’s because you’re so strong and I feel that I’m being built up stronger and other’s are seeing that even one person. Or I may be touching lives that I don’t know about or my children or grandkids etc.. Whoever it is or whatever the reason, it’s still incredible to know YOU KEEP GOING ON!

No one’s walked in your shoes besides Jesus. And unless he tells you otherwise..  Be you and do what you can lol. Don’t feel guilty. I know there are many like me that feels guilty they actually bought new clothes instead of hand me downs one time. Or just got into the van one night and forgot everyone else to go get a icecream lol. Or just took a different route on the way home from church and wanted to get away and enjoy that drive home from church without anyone with you. Or saying you’re going to plan a trip to Tennessee, a concert, a vacation to the beach, a vacation to utah, what have you. There are things I so want to do but other things came priority. But it doesn’t matter! STOP feeling guilty. You do things too and not just serving others and normal singing and writing. You get the picture? okay.. so those that understand where I’m coming from GOOD!

You can still serve. You can still love but YOU MUST STILL ENJOY YOURSELF AND YOUR LIFE TOO. Shopping for myself. Opening gifts for myself. Parties for myself, trips for myself, or whatever has never ever been a priority for me. But yes I have always wanted a surprise concert to my favorite artists to meet them and see. Or a surprise birthday party. Or surprise gettaway to the beach or see family. You get the idea.. That’s called dreaming peeps. But I must tell you.. The looks on others faces is just so priceless. Especially when you’re allowed to lie for a long time about things hahahha .That is the only time (btw to lie) lol

Seeing others smile. Seeing others get things they need. Seeing others experience what their heart so desires. Seeing others experience surprise parties,gifts, trips,new car, going to school, new outfit, baby,trip, debt paid off, meal , date or Whatever the case may be. MAKES ME HAPPY! You can believe this or not. I don’t care but those that know me should know how my heart is made. So make your heart the same.I’ve experienced so much already in my life that some have been praying for just a taste. By golly, if someone hasn’t tasted a burger, brownie, a hug, a shower, a sleepover, a meal, clothes, HELLO! Freakin let them! I’ll get butt naked, I’ve before many times (where no one saw of course lol) to give someone clothes I just put on to go to the store or tried in store and seen someone need it or thought of someone that need it. No matter what is happening you must listen to that voice. That still small voice or if you get one crazy thought, ACT ON IT! I’m talking about the good crazy thoughts. Not rob a bank or eat bunch of sweets before dinner thoughts etc..

Then you make choices. And sometimes you make bad choices which lead to harder choices. Sometimes you made choices or things were happening to you that your family and friends or strangers never even knew or some judge but you had to keep going on your own. You can feel sorry for yourself. You can continue to wish you want more than what you have but I’m telling you from abuse to shelter to jobs to family to school to church to changing life to making choices etc.. Life has shown me in this almost 34 years how awesome, hard as hell, how happy to how painful to amazing and well to now that no matter how tough it can get, BY GOLLY I HAVE BEEN THROUGH WORSE HELL AND TOUGH THINGS AND I MADE IT THROUGH. I made it through last few weeks. I’m going to make it through today and on . But I must keep those priorties straight.

AS I tell myself all the time and you and it’s hard to take your own advice.. See I always love helping others lol. Don’t focus on the what you’re not doing. What you didn’t experience or haven’t. What you don’t have and others have or doing. What others say about you and never was there for you . DON’T FOCUS ON THAT. We are all doing life because we chose too. We all have different paths because we choose and what God lays out for us. But ALWAYS SHARE. Share whether in memories, letters,visits, or let others experience too. Share the memories you have either good or bad. Don’t let it consume you. You just share so it can make them smile. You can help others rise above their experiences through your strength. Through your talents, and love others can know how to help themselves. Plus when you have a moment where you don’t like being in your body lol like I’ve done, you get back to what you so love doing and make that time.

See the picture now. Go back and see the good and bad and just focus now . DON’T WORRY! DON’T STRESS AND DON’T COMPARE TO OTHERS ON ANYTHING. You’re amazing. You will get through. Others will either help or hurt you. Not a surprise there is hatefulness out there. There is much evil. There is jealousy,crime,scams,and other horrible things. But there are also amazing things. Just look up. Look around. Look at yourself. You are the most important amazing thing. NEVER LET ANYONE OR ANYTHING Consume you so bad that you have to keep repeating you can do anything and have anything if you work hard for it. Take time for you. Be stern and selfish and say. .YES! It’s okay to spend 20 bucks or 200 hundred on yourself. Yes it’s okay to unexpectedly take a trip anywhere you can. Or just go downstairs and cook with your family.

Keep going. Keep smiling . Keep shining. Keep working on your talents and inspire. Never worry about what they think .JUST DO. Yes I say same thing to myself. That’s why we aren’t perfect and why I have to go back to what I write. JUST ENJOY LIFE. ENJOY FAMILY. ENJOY BEING WHO YOU ARE AND WORK ON YOU AND HELP OTHERS. Your dreams and desires are already and have been answered. You just have to see it. Til next time. ALL THE BEST~ Much LOve ~ Jackie ❤


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