Hello Everyone! I hope you’re not missing my posts too much! LOL . Or missing me 🙂

THE ROSE ~ *song I sang *ty bette midler

I’m either known as flowergirl or singingal 🙂

I am in a funk the last 3 weeks. Besides my physically issues, I am getting my emotional issues messed up. I’m back to myself again as much as I can be. I am continuing going on and hanging strong! But last 3 weeks besides the surgery stuff, work has been CRAZY! Really CRAZY! I love to multitask. I love staying busy. I can do 4 or 5 things at once and enjoy it. I can have over 20 post it notes or whatever and still finish it all by the time I leave. WORK IT’SELF I ENJOY! It’s the horrible miscommunication kinks or feeling unappreciative. And this is not just me. Many of my fellow peeps feel the same.

Yet! I still survived. With the help of prayer , writing, music, and my family I survived it. Now it will be Sunday and I can enjoy a whole day with my wonderful family and husband and not deal with it. I am looking forward to going to church with them and just being together. Family is everything. With it being summer I am working over 40 hours a week and I love that. Because every bit help. But it’s very hard when you are a mother/wife/and work from home not to mention you are doing school as well and have 4 more years to go and you have an upcoming surgery and your husband can go anywhere with storms as he is a powerlineman. So you really don’t know who you can fully trust to help you out. I guess time will tell. Besides the emotional tears, pain, anger, frustration,overwelmed. I ended up writing a letter to my manager and higher up and enjoyed to let that loose.

I now am catching up with school, house and whatever else to be done. But first I SANG! I got time to sing 🙂 I love singing and I love writing and I’m trying to do scrapbooking too. If you know about Scrapbooking it’s very expensive. I got the markers and the pencils and whatever. I got the books just lacking stickers, clear insert sleeves, construction paper and decorative paper/stamps/stencils and tape/scissors . .So yes if I want to work on this and what I plan to do with our daughter during my recovery I am trying to earn extra money to do so. So I must keep toughing it out Lol. Thank goodness for memories and talents 😉 So never give up and always work your on your talents.

It was my birthday on the Wed June 7th which I had to work. So my family decided to make the week and weekend as special as they could around my work schedule and school. I got many hugs, songs, dancing, plenty of sugar lol (lucky my sugar was dropping and not high) They would do art with me on my breaks or lunch breaks to helping me clean , ,cooking, and tThursdaywe went out to Chinese after work with my inlaws too. They surprised me with cupcakes, a watch,cards, and many more hugs . Seeing the sneakyness was priceless. Even when you were in the Kroger parking lot after Chinese birthday and seeing them holding bags and hands coming to the van. Not to mention Savnnah enjoyed picking out a a big cookie cake (which savannah was so happy to get lol) and sang me birthday songs. Also they enjoyed me turning red when I was trying to send my twin a text about a birthday gift I got her about lipstick and prior to that, the other day I sent everyone about Savannah being so happy about making a cherry cobbler for me and it was so cute. Well I had locked the message and my Twin sister was the first one so I thought I would hit reply since I was working and it be easier.

So I would ask about if she liked any lipstick or something to that affect. I had it saved but now I’m not saving any messages lol. So it sent it alright. Plus 20 other peeps including our son stating he doesn’t need lipstick. To some of my friends and their husbands stating like one likes only what is on his wife’s lips. Also my friends/family would let me know they think that message wasn’t to them. And then my oldest brother seemed upset he wasn’t getting any lipstick lol

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Then Apparently I messaged my son about the morning sickness and if he got the lipstick . So you can only imagine how 8am June 7th til that evening I got so many fun responses and could not stop laughing . My husband was wondering what I was talking about and my mother in law. See I keep it comical and always make others smile and I’m actually being serious lol. So that started out the birthday as THE BEST I HAD EVER HAD. I felt so loved by all the messages, calls, cards that were sent and gifts. Gifts/cards/money wasn’t important because one I never buy for myself anyways lol and 2 , just seeing the joy in their faces and hearing them sing from time I wake up to going down stairs and our Son Gavin singing happy birthday cooking us breakfast. To Savannah enjoying singing it all day long. JUST JOY AND LAUGHTER AND LOVe. I have never felt more appreciated, especially when I never really experienced this . I’m 34 🙂 and so had the best.

Then Thursday as mentioned after work we went for chinese with the family and Inlaws and then I waited in the Kroger parking lot and got home and they sang for me and I made a wish *even though I have everything I wanted and needed . I crashed out and back at it Friday .Which Friday and Saturday has been so hectic at work and I’m so behind school and I wanted to write and sing so bad but I literally fell asleep on my computer and I had pushed all kinds of keys lol If I get that way , that means my body is EXHAUSTED. Plus getting everything ready for this surgery. Besides life being a bad rollar coaster, looking at what you have and are blessed with makes it all better. Makes it worth living. So grateful I made it this far 34th

Listen to your hear ~


I can’t make you love me~


Enjoy the pictures. What made it the best was also my twin being able to finally be a mother. SHE IS DUE JAN 19th. * i think it’s a girl * so we’ll see if i’m right 🙂 ❤ I want you all to be safe . You’re wonderful. I enjoy supporting you. I really do. Thank you for shining and inspiring. I notice even if I don’t comment. Thank you to those that take time to read and follow my journey ❤ All the best ! Til next time 🙂 ~ Jackie


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