Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your life. Know you’re truly blessed and The lord puts other’s in your life for a reason. This little gal who I’m blessed to be a stepmother too is my joy . I am so grateful I found an amazing man who loves me and supports my talents, my dreams,my work,my schooling and lets me be apart of his heart of Gavin and Savannah. I will never replace their mothers. I will just love them so very much and help be there for them and guide them as much as I can. Family is my Heart. Just as the gospel is. So to calm this little girl down lol I do what I do every night. Except she wanted to do a little show for some family.


ENJOY! SPend all the time you can with those you love no matter if they drown you out or scream a lot and your ears are hurting hahaha. BUT I LOVE IT. Thank you God for loving me so much to send amazing parents and siblings to my life with amazing friends and the gospel so I can share the joys with them . Thank you for sending a man and his 2 beautiful kids my way to heal my heart and make me a mother so I can share my love with forever and ever!


SAVANNAH AND I singing click on this page and go through the songs. Because my site won’t let me share videos because i didn’t pay for video part.. You don’t want to miss ❤














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